Metro Retro release notes
Metro Retro release notes

Usability improvements - v2.41 (16/04/21)

Click here to view the v41 Release Video

  • Fixed bug with users editing box showing out of position sometimes.
  • Zones now do not respond to mouse interactions unless over an edge or the title area.
  • Added shortcuts for tools.
  • Active tool is now highlighted in toolbox.
  • Text tool font size now defaults to sane value based on zoom level.
  • Shape tool now remembers previous selections settings unless a new shape is selected.
  • You can paste sticky notes from notepad again.
  • Marker tool has been improved (now shows drawing progress).
  • Token support for regular emoji has been improved (linked to Reaction tool).
  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to nested scaling of elements (resizing parent and child, resizing across parent boundaries).
  • Fixed issue with copy pasting SVG images (you can now copy SVG and paste from Figma).
  • Fixed issue dragging images from web pages into boards (you should be able to drag/drop from Google Images now).