Metro Retro release notes
Metro Retro release notes

Import & export, plus slapping - v2.44 (06/08/21)

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This release is packed with new features and updates!

The updates range from extremely productive (import and export) to the lighter side of teamwork (slapping).


  1. You can now reveal sticky notes one-by-one by clicking the red/green icon at the top of a sticky note. Tip - There must be a 'meeting' enabled to do this.

  2. Drop .csv files or paste a table into your board, and map the data against sticky notes, zones, and groups. Use this to import backlog items and run prioritization exercises, or to visualise data sets (like customer feedback). Watch the release video from 07:40 for a quick demo.

  3. Export your board content to .csv, table, markdown, or JSON. Select the objects you want to export and choose your columns. Tip - use HTML table to paste directly into Confluence.

  4. Font Settings - turn off handwriting fonts, making sticky notes easier to read.

  5. Mouse settings - Metro Retro tries to guess which device you’re using, but doesn't always get it right. You can now choose between mouse and trackpad settings.

  6. Slapping settings - Slapping is back! To slap someone, hold the space bar and fling your cursor through their avatar to send them flying (with bonus sound effects). If you find slaps annoying, disable them in the user settings.

  7. Lock layout - a new option in the right-click menu. Use 'Lock layout' to lock only your board layout objects - zones, text, images and shapes.

  8. Import v1 boards - you can now import all your lovingly-created v1 boards into your team space. Click the workspace name to find the option in the dropdown menu. Tip - the sticky notes in v2 are 25% bigger, so they may be a little squashed together compared to v1. Watch the release video from 02:40 for a quick guide.


  1. Pasting behaviour has improved. Depending on your camera position, objects will either be pasted on top of the originals, or in the center of your camera view. Cloning behaviour (Alt + arrow key on a selected object) has also been improved.

  2. Now, the first time you enter a board your camera position will be set to show all the board content. Previously you were zoomed in to the center of the board.

  3. Now the person that copy/pastes or clones stickies will become the creator of the new stickies.

  4. Ctrl + A now selects everything on the board. A command has also been added to the right-click menu.

  5. ‘Select other’ - new option in right-click menu. If you select an object and use this command, it will select everything of the same type on the board.

  6. SSO improvement - Admins can now set a property to allow or block entry by people not in their SSO provider's list.

  7. On smaller screens the toolbar now re-sizes to fit.

  8. We’ve made boards faster to load.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed issues with copy and paste in Firefox.

  2. Non-Latin characters weren’t being hidden in private sticky notes.

  3. Fixed a number of usability issues with text, shapes and the floating toolbars.