Metro Retro release notes
Metro Retro release notes

v2.43 (18/06/21)





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  • Added a context menu to the editor.
  • Improved locking behavior. ALT key no longer required, locked objects can be selected with a single click and unlocked to edit. When in meeting mode, only facilitators can unlock.
  • Added auto scroll when moving an object to the edge of the screen.
  • Added support for Single Sign-On (via SAML2). Please speak to use if you would like to set this up for your account.
  • Fixed bug with field length when renaming a board.
  • Fixed various styling issues.

v2.42 (06/05/21)

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  • Freestyle Mode now available as a faster and easier meeting setup alternative.
  • Reworked in-meeting UI to enable quicker adjustments.
  • Renamed "Phases" to "Activities" because we think it's less sterile.
  • Added visibility indicators to stickies so you can see what is hidden/visible.
  • Transforming shapes now supports mirroring (resizing negatively).
  • Improved transformation net (made it thinner and drop nodes when no space).
  • [Experimental] Added Stopwatch element (see video).
  • [Experimental] Added TaskCard element (see video).
  • Various small bugs and UI tweaks.

v2.41 (16/04/21)

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  • Fixed bug with users editing box showing out of position sometimes.
  • Zones now do not respond to mouse interactions unless over an edge or the title area.
  • Added shortcuts for tools.
  • Active tool is now highlighted in toolbox.
  • Text tool font size now defaults to sane value based on zoom level.
  • Shape tool now remembers previous selections settings unless a new shape is selected.
  • You can paste sticky notes from notepad again.
  • Marker tool has been improved (now shows drawing progress).
  • Token support for regular emoji has been improved (linked to Reaction tool).
  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to nested scaling of elements (resizing parent and child, resizing across parent boundaries).
  • Fixed issue with copy pasting SVG images (you can now copy SVG and paste from Figma).
  • Fixed issue dragging images from web pages into boards (you should be able to drag/drop from Google Images now).

v2.40 (31/03/21)

Hi all, sorry this release was delayed a week due to stuff. The next one should be more timely.

  • Added Spotlight (click on entries in the participant list to activate):


  • Added voting on Topics.
  • Added voting ranks/medals overlay (with support for view by Topic):


  • Fixed Clone Board failing when on Recent view.
  • Fixed some other small issues with Recent view.
  • Fixed some Safari issues with certain scrollable UI (e.g. templates).
  • Tool cursors now don't bug out and disappear randomly.

v2.39 (11/03/21)

  • Fixed dumb bug with invite links appearing valid but really they were expired (sorry everyone).
  • Improved account invite system so you can restrict links and auto add to workspaces.
  • Added ability to edit current meeting when using meeting creator.
  • Added ability to set welcome message and lock meeting (and board) until facilitator is ready.
  • Added ability re-order / delete meeting phases.
  • Fixed various bugs with meeting timer.
  • Tweaked editor loading sequence.

v2.38 (02/03/21)

  • Fixed z-ordering getting messed up sometimes when copy pasting.
  • Fixed crash when pressing backspace while editing zone emoji.
  • Fixed crash related to re-ordering of objects from different parents.

v2.37 (25/02/21)

  • Added scrollbars to Workspace Browser (oops).
  • Added user icon/counter to Stickies and Index Cards.
  • Workspace description is now visible and editable.
  • Fixed some bugs with the Meeting system.

v2.36 (24/02/21)

  • Added "pinning" to workspaces & folders so you can keep certain boards at the top of the list.


  • Added missing drop down to list view.

List view.gif

  • Added basic connection stability check that detects if connection to server is lost. This is quite basic at the moment, will be improved in the future.

v2.35 (23/02/21)

  • Updated look and feel of the dashboard UI.
  • Added grid mode to workspace view.
  • Made list mode functional on workspace view.

Grid list view.gif

  • Added filter to workspace view (filters on label & id).
  • Added invite user button to members list in workspace view.

v2.34 (23/02/21)

  • Added basic Facilitator support to boards, manageable via the Meetings feature.


  • Fixed missing CMD key support on Mac that prevented copy/paste working among other things.
  • Fixed text overflow in board elements.
  • Made buttons less round.
  • Fixed item order in Move Board popup.
  • Fixed security nodes not being updated on moving a board which was causing access issues.