Meeting Room 365 changelog
Meeting Room 365 changelog

Native Support for Exchange (including Delegates & Hosted Exchange)





We've now moved support for Exchange out of our legacy platform, and into the native application. This means there is no longer a need to use the Legacy platform for Exchange support, or to store your credentials on our servers. Everything is supported from one native application!

This means you'll be able to opt-in to new features as they're released, including animated (and video) backgrounds, new themes, and new localization options.

Getting Started

To get started, simply download our application from one of the three supported App Stores, or start the display provisioning wizard at

Delegated Access

We also now support Exchange Delegate access, which means you can create a single service account from the Exchange Management console, which is designated as a delegate on each Resource Mailbox you've created on your tenant. This lets you use a single username and password to configure all of your displays.

Hosted Exchange

We now also support most Hosted Exchange environments. In most cases, this has been as simple as adding support for delegated access on our end. In some cases, you may need to contact your host via email support to enable access. Reach out to support and we can give you an email template to facilitate the process.

Credential Management

Resource Mailbox Credentials, including your EWS Username, Password, & Host are now stored securely on each tablet display, instead of our servers. No on-premises data is stored on our servers.

What we're still working on

We're still working on support for forced check-in and early cancellations. But, they should be coming soon!

Fair warning: It is a bit tricker to setup an Exchange environment and configure a display. Mostly, this is due to the minor differences between versions of Exchange. But, the Resource Mailbox provisioning process is also a bit more complicated for Exchange in general.

Feel free to reach out to support for guidance and help along the way!

We've tested a large number of Exchange environments over the past couple of months, and can help you get started as quickly as possible.