Meeting Room 365 changelog
Meeting Room 365 changelog

CSV Export, EWS Health Check, Multiple Bug Fixes, Higher-quality Dashboard Screenshots





Wanted to release a small update to the Changelog mentioning some routine improvements / fixes we've put together over the past 3 months.

CSV Export

We've Added CSV Export to the top right menu. JSON should still be your primary backup if you just want peace of mind for easy account restoration, but now CSV is an option as well (previously only available in Enterprise).

EWS Health Check

You will now get a warning when opening a display if your EWS connection fails

Better Screenshots

We wrote our own service to perform higher-quality screenshots for dashboards with many displays.

Multiple Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue for some types of G Suite authorization tokens
  • Fixed a datetime bug in Safari for custom (future) reservations
  • Fixed several minor analytics bugs in the dashboard
  • Addressed an issue for users who add an Office 365 service user but wish to add a display without using it
  • Better test / code coverage for automated error reporting, traceable to a specific display
  • Several translation issues have been addressed for the Status Board
  • Fixed a Stripe bug affecting some users on initial subscription
  • Dibs rooms now report status to status boards
  • Added a fallback method for image uploads
  • We now show your default billing method on the billing page
  • A rotation timing issue was addressed for multiple future meetings on the status board
  • New Android apps were published to meet new Google Play store requirements
  • A Workaround was released for an Apple bug in iOS 13