Meeting Room 365 changelog
Meeting Room 365 changelog

Bulk Upload / Update via CSV





Use the new .CSV format to upload or update your Meeting Room 365 displays in bulk


The Problem

Many tools make it easy to perform a task once or twice. And, I believe Meeting Room 365 handles smaller tenants relatively well.

But, let’s say you have a dozen or more displays to add and maintain? What do you do then?

For many tools, the answer is a bulk upload / bulk update tool. Ours is modeled after a few tools we’ve worked on in the past, which handle this via CSV.

Why use the .CSV Template?

With the .CSV template, you can maintain and update your displays outside of the Meeting Room 365 app, and email us your changes, which we will update at your convenience.

You can use this to queue display creation, run PowerShell updates, change / sync i18n localization, update styles, and more. Anything you can do in the Meeting Room 365 app can be automated via CSV import.

Our CSV template is designed to be both backwards-compatible with our Legacy display application, and forwards-compatible with new versions of our software, such as the current public beta. It is also designed to be forward-looking, so that as we add new display types, and tenants, the format will not change (although new columns may be added in the future).

How to use the CSV Template

We have a full guide to using the CSV template, which you can read here: