Meet Headline updates
Meet Headline updates

This release is all about better text and images


Our AI just got 20% better

Ok, we don't have a way to precisely measure that, but it feels like it got significantly better.

We're continuously improving our AI to produce better headlines and descriptions, make more relevant location/CTA suggestions, etc.

And this week we did see significant improvements, where we're consistently getting headlines and descriptions that are interesting and engaging.

The whole point is to create ads that convert and drive new customers to your business.

More images on more pages

Another area we're constantly working on is campaign images.

Some sites have images that appear smaller on the page than the actual image file. Previously, we ignored images that looked too small for an ad.

With this release, we're checking the dimensions of the actual image size, and based on that determining whether it fits the minimum image requirements.

Source URL vs landing page

If you want our AI to help you with a new campaign, choose a page that has good source material — text and images.

Something in the order of 200~600 words, that tells a good story, that uses keywords/phrases representing your brand, product, or service.

You will get the opportunity to change the campaign's final URL — this is the page customers land on. It could be a different page, such as a lead form.

% complete

This is our KPI — can our AI help you create most or all of the campaign?

We're proud of it, and we're now showing % complete in more places in the app.

As always

Many bug fixes, small tweaks, and performance improvements.

Major milestone: automated text generation at 90%


Creating a high-performing ad campaign takes considerable effort.

You want multiple headlines and descriptions. Google's Performance Max would then run a combination of ads and find the best performing combinations.

To get the best results out of performance Max, you want 5 short headlines, 5 long headlines, and 5 descriptions.

Meet Headline gets you there faster by creating the text for you, using a sophisticated AI algorithm.

Our goal is for Meet Headline to create all the text you need 90% of the time. And for the other 10%, you may need to make small changes.

And we just passed this important milestone! In our tests, Meet Headline was able to generate a complete text creative for 93% of the test sites!

Preview multiple ad combinations on the same page

When you launch your campaign, Google uses the text and images you provided to serve multiple ads. It then tests to see which ad combinations perform the best.

The campaign preview will rotate through different ad combinations. You can also see them all on the same page by switching the matrix view.


Campaign ready email and updated ToS

We will email to let you know when your campaign is ready


Updated Terms of Service

We updated our Terms of Service to include an Acceptable Use Policy and Refund Policy.


  • Many improvements under the scenes to the algorithm
  • Better suggestions for location targeting, now including both cities and counties
  • Removing the first headline no longer loses the following headline

Consolidated headlines and descriptions

The Headlines and Descriptions tabs have been consolidated into a single tab.

We find it easier to edit the ad when all the text is available on the same screen.

We also added a preview of the ad at the top of the page, so you don't need to jump back to the preview tab.




  • The images tab now shows the minimum requirements for square and landscape images
  • Image cropping now works better when you drag & drop a square image to landscape, and the reverse
  • The Launch tab emphasizes choosing a location, this is important for local businesses
  • Performance improvements


  • Capture the correct logo on more websites
  • Capture the correct business name on more website
  • Dragging and dropping images between columns

Locations and Logos


If you’re advertising a local business — store front, your practice, service area, etc — you want your ads to only run in specific locations.

From the Launch tab, you can pick up to 20 locations for your campaign. You can mix and match cities, zip codes, counties, and states (US/Canada only).

For example, if you have customers coming from 3 different cities, you can add all 3 locations to your campaign. Or you can expand it to the entire county. Or narrow it down to specific zip code in a large metro area.

Headline will recommend the best location for running your ads. That’s your starting point, but do review the locations list and make changes as necessary.


Your ad campaign includes a logo of your business. The logo is square as you can see in the bottom/left corner of the ad preview.

If Headline can find high-resolution logo on your website, it will use that.

If you have a better image you’d want to use, you can upload your image from the Launch tab. Click the Replace button, or drag & drop a new image onto the page.

Cropping image to right size got a whole lot easier

Image Cropping

Drag and drop an image onto the left column (landscape) or right column (square) — the new UI will help you crop the image to the right size.

You can also drag and drop an image from one column to another. For example, if you upload a landscape image, you then drag and drop it to the right column, to also use it as a square image,


Headline now supports Retina or HDPI images (2x and 3x).

Headline can now find images on websites that use background-image — websites use that to show images that adjust to the screen size (responsive) and maintain their aspect ratio

Fixed: password manager should not attempt to auto-complete location field

Upgraded to the just-released Google Ads API version 11