Media Cloud release notes
Media Cloud release notes






This is a fairly substantial update in terms of the amount of refactoring and structural changes.

All composer dependencies, except for 1, have been removed. To improve compatibility with other WordPress plugins, the packages that Media Cloud have been using have been re-namespaced to avoid collisions. For example, Guzzle\GuzzleHttp\Client is now MediaCloud\Vendor\Guzzle\GuzzleHttp\Client. That means if you were installing this via composer and relied on any of those packages, you will either need to update your namespaces or include those packages in your project's composer yourself. The composer.lbrary.json contains the packages in use. I wrote a tool to auto re-namespace, if that's of interest to you, that you can find here:

These re-namespaced libraries are located in the /lib folder.

Additionally, the plugin's own namespace has been changed from ILAB\MediaCloud\ to MediaCloud\Plugin\. So if you were using ILAB\MediaCloud\Tools\ToolManager or something, you'll need to update those references.

  • All third party libraries Media Cloud is using have been re-namespaced to avoid errors and issues with any other plugins using the same libraries.
  • IMPORTANT: The old Backblaze driver is being deprecated, use the Backblaze S3 Compatible driver instead. The old one will be removed in the next version.
  • Added Backblaze S3 Compatible cloud storage driver. If you are currently using Backblaze, you should migrate to this asap.
  • If you are installing via composer and relied on any libraries that Media Cloud was using, you will need to install that package with composer yourself in your own project
  • You can now install the premium version via composer. Log into for instructions on how.
  • Re-namespaced the plugin code. If you were using ILAB\MediaCloud\ anywhere, it's now 'MediaCloud\Plugin\'
  • Fixed random "Rekognition requires Amazon S3 Cloud Storage" error notifications
  • Fixed computer vision tags being applied to alt, caption and description
  • Added ability to download video with mux player
  • Mux javascript and CSS is only included if video encoding is enabled
  • Video encoding no longer requires cloud storage to work
  • Mux icon displays in media library when cloud storage is turned off
  • Fix for Mux secure key generation
  • Fix for Mux filmstrip generation failing
  • Fixed Migrate to Mux task