Prizes and Swag

Much like Pep Guardiola looking for a new full back, we know you all love to shop for whatever is flavour of the month, so we've just launched our prizes section so you can cash in your hard earned MDXP for awesome prizes!

Alongside that, we now allow filtering in chat and group admins can choose to include goals, cards and half times for matches which aren't in contests, so you can enjoy those Champions League goals regardless of whether a contest is running or not. This means you can re-create an Arsene Wenger post match press conference and literally only see what you want to see.

This update also includes:

  • Launching Top Goal Scorer Hotshots for our premium accounts
  • Updates to contest entries to make them jazzier than the Liverpool team suits for the '96 FA cup
  • Making the app lovely and iOS 11 friendly
  • A reshuffle of the settings, contact and live chat so you can contact us day or night (please don't...)

... and finally preparation for public contests so in the near future you can take on the world and rack up them points!

New Season Release

In the latest release for Matchday XP we have dialled everything up a notch ahead of the new football season.

  • Chat
  • Contests
  • Premium Accounts
  • MLS