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New: Create carousels and scrolling sidebars with containers!


🚀 New feature



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We’re excited to announce containers, one of our most popular feature requests!

Make any element of your prototype interact either scrolling horizontally, vertically or bidirectionally. Giving you the ability to create carousels and scrolling sidebars in order to create realistic prototypes when testing and gathering feedback.

Create a container in Marvel

  1. Upload the image you would like to add to your container and add it to your project
  2. Select the image in your project where you would like to place the container
  3. Click and drag anywhere on the image to draw a new hotspot
  4. Click Container from the bottom menu
  5. Select the image that you uploaded
  6. Change any of the options and then hit Close
  7. Click Play to try it out!

Read our help article for more info or watch the video below.