You can now filter projects by type

Headway - in feed Copy.png

You can now quickly filter your project list by type (i.e prototype or user test). A little time-saver for those of you doing lots of user testing!

Click 'Show: All' on your project dashboard to get started.

We've spruced up the interface ๐Ÿงน

You may notice that Marvel looks a little different today - we've refreshed the interface to make better use of the screen real-estate.

There's now twice as much content visible and way less scrolling, great for those of you on laptops and non-Retina screens (Thanks for the feedback and letting us know!).

It also makes way for some very exciting new features - stay tuned!

If you want to see more features and improvements, add them here

New: Select the order of your designs when syncing from Sketch!

We've just added a popular feature request to our Sketch plugin that allows you to select the order of artboards when you sync to a project.

You can now select from:

  • Alphanumerical
  • Artboard layout (left to right, top to bottom)
  • Layers list (top to bottom)
  • Layers list (bottom to top)

Download Marvel for Sketch

How to update your plugin

  • Click the 'M' in your Mac menubar
  • Click the Settings (gear) icon
  • Select 'Check for updates


You can now search comments!

Fed up of scrolling through lists of comments to find feedback? You can now search comment notifications!

Simply click on the comment notification button within your dashboard or project and start typing!


Check out the new user testing player

2x headway iamge.png

Access screen suggestions on your test results in the new user testing player!โ€จโ€จ

You can now see how long a participant spent on each screen, keep track of mistaps and review improvement suggestions.

Fancy sharing a user test recording from a specific time? โ€จ

  1. Click share underneath the video
  2. Select the timestamp
  3. Copy the share url

Go into any user test recording to check out the changes.

Timers now support layers, scroll position and anchors!

We've just upgraded our timers feature to support layers, keep scroll position and anchors!

That means you can automatically move between screens or actions in your prototype after a set amount of time, without the user interacting.

It works great for loading screens, interstitials, walkthroughs, and more. Give it try!

  1. Open any screen in your prototype
  2. Click Timers
  3. Select the screen or action and time delay

New! Download comments as a CSV

Want a neat list of all the comments in your project? You can now download all the feedback as a neat CSV with deep links to the screens in your prototype.

Click the download icon in any prototype project to get started!

New layers panel in Handoff!


You're now able to inspect any element within your design through a new layers panel in Handoff!

Get specs, measurements and assets for specific layers, even if they aren't visible. Improving accuracy for developers.

It's already enabled on existing projects so read more and try it out!

You can now share a link to all screens in your prototype

A small but handy update just shipped today. You can now share a link to all your screens in your prototype, including all sections!

Checkout this example

  1. Play any prototype

  2. Hover over the Menu button on the bottom left-hand corner

  3. Click on View all screens

  4. Click Copy link

You can now share the URL on that screen directly with team members, clients and stakeholders!

Section share links now prevent moving outside of the section!

We've just shipped a popular feature request for sections!

Now when sharing a link to a section, users will only see the screens and hotspots within that section.

That means you can give developers, clients, and stakeholders a single link to a specific part of your prototype, without them seeing the rest.

Try it yourself! Read our help article or watch the video below.