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New look for admin 🌟






As you can see, has been refreshed. We've done a lot of work in the past month to restructure all the features and settings we've added in the past years.

Our main goal was to help you get setup faster and find your way more easily through all the settings.

Here's a non-exhausting list of all the things we've worked on:

πŸŒ“ A fresh white paint to the admin to prepare for the dark paint

πŸ“ The 3 pages (widget, access, settings) merged into 1 setting pages where you can easily access all your destination settings

πŸ”˜ Split our switch toggle into radios, so you don't have to guess anymore what's the result when a setting is off

✍️ Rephrase some confusing settings to make sure they were more easily understandable

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Prepared the ground for the white label feature that were going to introduce later this year

πŸ›  Split up the Forms into pages to help you configure your forms

πŸš€ Made everything run much smoother

πŸ₯· Fixed a bug for users who were using in incognito

What do you think?

We're looking for your feedback, don't hesitate to send us a chat with your thoughts!