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Linear integration is here! 🥳






Collect bug reports and website feedback as new Linear issues

Thanks to this new Linear integration, you can collect visual feedback through our website widget directly as new Linear issues.

  • Reporting Linear issues from your website
  • Collect technical metadata in all new issues
  • Full 2-way sync integration (status, comments, fields, …)

To learn more, check out our announcement blog post

Destination Grid View 🤩





CleanShot 2021-07-29 at 11.56.56@2x.png

To help you find the relevant destination, you can now see your destinations in a beautiful grid view.

Added to this, you can now sort your destinations by:

  • Last feedback
  • Creation date
  • Integration
  • Name

Let us know what you think in the chat!

Destination insights & analytics 📊






Get advanced insights on the health of your destinations

Learn who your best reporters are and how good your team is at resolving issues with this new update!

CleanShot 2021-07-13 at 16.45.15@2x.png

To access your dashboard, go to Destinations > [YOUR_DESTINATION] > Settings > Dashboard.

Note: Destination insights are available on the Team and Company plans.

Custom Metadata is here 💪





custom-metadata.png is revolutionizing the way you collect your user information with our latest update: Custom Metadata!

If you wish to collect more advanced feedback from your user, this update is for you.

Here are three great ways to use our latest update:

  1. Additional user information in your bug reports
  2. Extra environment information
  3. Additional dynamic links

Supported types of custom metadata:

  • number

  • boolean

  • strings

  • array

  • objects

Note: You need to be on the Team or Company plan. Custom metadata is also available on our trial.

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New look for admin 🌟






As you can see, has been refreshed. We've done a lot of work in the past month to restructure all the features and settings we've added in the past years.

Our main goal was to help you get setup faster and find your way more easily through all the settings.

Here's a non-exhausting list of all the things we've worked on:

🌓 A fresh white paint to the admin to prepare for the dark paint

📁 The 3 pages (widget, access, settings) merged into 1 setting pages where you can easily access all your destination settings

🔘 Split our switch toggle into radios, so you don't have to guess anymore what's the result when a setting is off

✍️ Rephrase some confusing settings to make sure they were more easily understandable

👨‍💻 Prepared the ground for the white label feature that were going to introduce later this year

🛠 Split up the Forms into pages to help you configure your forms

🚀 Made everything run much smoother

🥷 Fixed a bug for users who were using in incognito

What do you think?

We're looking for your feedback, don't hesitate to send us a chat with your thoughts!

WordPress plugin 🔌





wordpress-plugin (6).png

Deploy your widget on WordPress in a few clicks

  • No-code installation: Install the website widget without having to manually embed a snippet code.
  • WordPress users only: Activate the feedback widget for every website visitor or limit visibility only to users that are logged in to your WordPress site.
  • Reporter email and name auto-fill: Your WordPress user email and name will be automatically populated when reporting issues.
  • Feedback portal: Clients can access the feedback they previously reported directly in WordPress.

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Secret URL Parameter 🤫





secret-url-parameter (1).png

Reveal widget with secret URL parameter

With this new update, you can add a secret URL parameter at the end of your page to reveal the widget

How does it work?

You will need to install your widget inside your website, then set the widget visibility to "hidden". Now, anyone with the secret parameter will be able to reveal your widget. Learn how to do that here.

Learn more -> Blog post announcement

Identify Your Reporters via Code 🆔





identify-reporter-thumbnail (1).png

Identify Your Reporters via Snippet Code

If you're collecting feedback from known users (like your own paid customers), this update is for you!

With this new update, you can ask your developers to pass your reporter's email and name programmatically. This mean that you won't have to ask reporters to provide their personal info they report feedback.

Learn more:

Secure Widget on Trusted Domains 🔐





image 40.png

What is Widget security?

If you install your widget on a domain that is publicly accessible, some people with bad intentions could "steal" your widget's code inside your page, and install your widget on other websites. With domain protection, your widget's snippet code is unusable on non-listed domains

How do I secure my widget?


To secure your widget, simply go to [DESTINATION] > Widget > Installation > Javascript code > Secure your widget

What about my destinations?

All destinations created before 1st of June 2021 will have domain protection turn on. For newly created destination, make sure to enable it yourself.

More info

To learn more about widget security, read our documentation here.

[] Custom fields support






If you're a user, you're going to love this update! You can now create custom fields in and have them pop up in

To enable this feature, go to one of your destination > widget > fields > customize.