We're live: Time to Find an Afro Hair Stylist Near You 💇🏾

We've been building Mane Hook-Up for six months, and now it's ready for you to see. Make sure you're one of the first to take a look by heading to www.manehookup.com

Plus, share your feedback with us by emailing hello@manehookup.com Launch Facebook.png

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Lets Talk 💬: Our next #BlackHairChat with Celai West

Next month on #BlackHairChat, we're talking to actress and runway model Celai West about afro hair in the acting and modeling industry.

Celai Chat Promo - Twitter.jpeg

Early in 2019, several black actresses spoke up about the lack of representation on Hollywood sets. From having to come to set with their hair already done, to bringing in their own make-up, a host of actresses exposed the lack of thought and care for the needs of black women in these industries.

So, for, our next #BlackHairChat we'll be speaking to Celai West, who is the youngest runway model in the States (making her debut at the age of 8!) about her experience of embracing her natural hair in these spaces.

Don't miss out! We'll be speaking to Celai on the 24th July at 6pm BST on Twitter. Here's a link to our calendar invite: https://evt.mx/1NTdNJvm

Mane Hook-Up + Itoju are joining forces 💛

We want to create a platform that really serves black hair stylists, salons and the people who need them.

And, we've found a way to do that in collaboration with a company whose ideas and values are very much aligned with our own.

So, as of today, Itoju is part of the Mane Hook-Up family.

What does that mean? Our name/brand stays the same and Founders @lifeofaworkinggirl and @zoerck will be working together to create a platform that serves your needs.

As they say:

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

Partnership announcement.jpeg

Lets talk 💬 get ready for #BlackHairChat

Next on our to-do list is starting conversations about the black hair and beauty space. And we want you to join us.

On June 19th we're launching #BlackHairChat - a monthly Twitter chat dedicated to talking about the black hair and beauty industry. Our first guests will be Peckham Palms, the Afro Hair & Beauty centre that launched at the beginning of this year.

Chat Promo - Twitter (2).jpeg

So save the date! And make sure you follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with our guest line up.

Calling all Black Hair Stylists & Salon owners 💇🏾

We're on the lookout for stylists and salon owners to interview before we go live - could you be the one?

Before we move onto the next stage of developing Mane Hook-Up, we want to talk to black hair stylists and salon owners and get a better understanding of what they really need.

In exchange for your time, you will be one of the first to trial our platform, for free.

Interested? Drop us an email at hello@manehookup.com with your name/number and we'll be in touch.

It's the start of something beautiful 💋

We want to change the game for black hair and beauty businesses. But more importantly, we want you to join us for the ride. 👊🏾

That's why today, we're launching a public updates page so you're always up to date with the improvements, fixes and community action here at Mane Hook-Up.

This month, our landing page went live - so check it out to get a better understanding of what our platform will do 💇🏾

We're working hard on Mane Hook-Up to make sure it offers you everything that you need. And this updates page is here to make sure communication between you and us is crystal clear 💎.

Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with all of the things we're working on.

And you can stay in touch with us on social media too.

But until next time, keep slaying ✌🏾