European users can now pay by SEPA Direct Debit

If you can provide an IBAN number, you’ll have the ability to pay via Direct Debit instead of registering a Credit Card.

To do so, make sure to select the payment in Euro before choosing your plan, then select Direct Debit and fill you IBAN informations.

Access to settings limited to admins

By default, all your team members can access the settings pages.

You can now limit the access to these pages to those who can log in as an admin.

If you'd like to activate this option for your team, contact our support team via a Slack Direct Message to MailClark.

MailClark now handles Cc/Bcc

That was one of the most requested improvement so our engineers have decided to focus on it and here it is! You now have the ability to add Cc/Bcc from the email preview!

You won't find this option in the channels in which the "email-group" option is turned on, nor on the channels dedicated to a specific recipients list (created by clicking “Reply in/move to a new channel”)

Subject line & recipients easier to edit

When you compose an email in an email group or in a subchannel, you will now see ‘edit’ links for the subject line and recipients.

Users composing emails in Slack threads already know this handy function.

Custom delay for ‘unnoticed messages’ alerts

In the channels where ‘Conversation threading’ is on, you’ve maybe received one of these alerts:

MailClark posts an alert when a message is still unanswered past a delay. You can now adjust this delay to your activity and requirements. Go to the inbox settings and click ‘Show options’, you’ll find a ‘Delay before alerting channel of unnoticed messages’ field.

Forward an email

You can now forward an email you've received in Slack to another recipient. In the ‘All actions’ menu attached to every incoming email, you'll now find a ‘Forward’ option. This opens the following dialog (only the recipient's email address is mandatory).

To "forward" an email to a teammate in Slack, use Slack's Share function.

Undo Delete + Spam and Deleted threads

When you press the ‘Delete’ button of an email/message, you no longer get a "Are you sure?" prompt. The message is moved to the ‘Deleted’ thread akin to a Trash folder. The deletion can be undone, which is very useful when you collectively manage emails and someone makes a mistake (only admins can permanently delete messages).

Similarly, if you choose ‘Blacklist sender’ in the ‘All actions’ menu of incoming emails (or if an email is detected as spam by SpamAssassin), the email goes to the ‘Spam’ thread. We’ll therefore archive the #email-spam channel which aren’t needed anymore.

Mandatory sign-in for browser pages

When you click a ‘edit settings’ or ‘preview email’ link in Slack, you’re taken to a browser page as we cannot show you this content in Slack. The link is secured and authenticates you. What’s more, it only grants access to a given page (e.g. one email).

Nevertheless, if you’re afraid these links might be shared, we can enable a special setting for your team: Users will be required to sign in with Slack before accessing any browser page. If you’re interested, send a Direct Message to MailClark to contact our support team.

SMTP support

Instead of sending emails from MailClark servers, you can now use your own SMTP servers. To do so, edit the settings of an inbox, click ‘Use your own domain’ under the Email field and switch on ‘Connect an existing email account’. You’ll then be asked for the SMTP details (host, login and password).

More info in our Help Center.

Easier setup for Gmail users is coming soon. Stay tuned!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely MailClark will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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