Attach a file to your emails

MailClark now allows you to upload files from your computer to attach them to your email. Attach a file.png

You can do so from the message posted by MailClark before sending the email or directly from the email preview.

Upload attachments to Slack

You can now automatically saves incoming emails’ attachments to your Slack workspace instead of MailClark servers.

To activate/deactivate this option, go to your Workspace settings.

Set up your Workspace Settings

Admins can now edit informations related to their workspace, by clicking on "Workspace" in the Settings Interface menu.

From there, you'll have the chance

  • to set up your team's default sender name & signature,
  • to activate/deactivate some MailClark's features
  • to set security parameters.

Connect a live chat to Slack

MailClark + Messenger live chat plugin: This is the perfect combo to allow your site visitors to contact your team and receive/answer their messages directly from Slack.

New pricing

The release of MailClark's connectors comes with new pricing plans:

We also offer Yearly Payment, at a bargain price 🤑

New IMAP integration

You can now connect your email account in just a few steps with our new IMAP integration.

MailClark gives you two-way sync between your email account and Slack, allowing you to both send and receive emails directly from Slack. All emails written in Slack are saved in your email account.

All you need is an email address and your password.

New Gmail/G Suite integration

MailClark now uses Google authentication to connect easily and quickly your Gmail/G Suite account to Slack.

From the settings page, you'll then have the ability to apply filters.

Connect services in a few clicks with MailClark's new connectors

Connecting external communication accounts to Slack is now easier than ever thanks to MailClark connectors. A connector is an external communications account connected to a Slack channel via MailClark. Find out more about connectors

European users can now pay by SEPA Direct Debit

If you can provide an IBAN number, you’ll have the ability to pay via Direct Debit instead of registering a Credit Card.

To do so, make sure to select the payment in Euro before choosing your plan, then select Direct Debit and fill you IBAN informations.

Access to settings limited to admins

By default, all your team members can access the settings pages.

You can now limit the access to these pages to those who can log in as an admin.

If you'd like to activate this option for your team, contact our support team via a Slack Direct Message to MailClark.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely MailClark will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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