Mail250 updates
Mail250 updates

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i-MTA v 2.2.7 released

At Mail250 our goal is not just to deliver emails, but to help you really engage with your users.

Keeping this mission as our core DNA, we have always aligned our roadmap in building features which can help you deliver more.

Today, we are upgrading our i-MTA (AI powered Mail Transfer Agent) to v2.2.7. In this release, the i-MTA will be capable of pre-identifying the recipient domains with bad MX record so that such bad recipient email addresses are suppressed even before the actual delivery to ISP.

This enhancement will not only protect the reputation of our infrastructure, but will also protect the reputation of your sender domain from getting blacklisted by global DNSBLs and RBLs.

Because of this new enhancement to our i-MTA, you will see a comparative improvement in your delivery rates and reduction in bounce percentages.

Stay tuned for more such releases to our i-MTA.