Lumen5 updates
Lumen5 updates

Organize your media with folders




Keep track of your uploaded media in a snap with folders! No more endless scrolling to find the right images and videos – it's all right at your fingertips.

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New in Lumen5: New season, new improvements

Keep your brand consistent, get dynamic with the Curly template and create unlimited videos. Check out all our recent changes here.

Introducing: Brand kit





Brand kit makes it easy for you to setup your default fonts, colors and watermark and use them across our growing library of amazing templates.

Click here to setup your brand kit.

Bulk add tags when uploading media





When uploading multiple files, easily bulk tag them with relevant keywords. This will help you find those uploads again later via search!

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Add tags to media uploads

You can now add tags to your image or video uploads! This makes it much easier to search and find the content you're looking for.

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Transfer saved templates between workspaces





Business and Enterprise plan customers can now easily transfer their saved templates between workspaces.

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Create unlimited videos





Video limits are no more! You can now create an unlimited number of videos on all plans. 🙌

Outros are now supported in vertical videos





You can now add branded outros to vertical videos for Instagram, Snapchat, and elsewhere. As part of this change, we'll no longer display vertical video scenes side by side, but rather stacked, like we do for landscape and square videos.

Option to disable AI scene creation





By default, our AI will select the best sentences from your blog post or script to use in your video. If you'd rather we use all sentences, you can now uncheck "Use AI to select the best sentences" before converting your text to a video.

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Swap between your two template fonts





You can now easily swap between your primary and secondary fonts in any text element!

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