Faster Rendering

We've made some changes to our rendering to get you your finished videos even faster! Most videos now render in 1 - 2 minutes, compared to about 5 minutes only a couple of months ago.

Download from your Dashboard

You can now download your videos directly from your dashboard! In the video menu, you'll see the download option, or "Prepare Download" if your video hasn't yet been published.

Favorite Media

You can now favorite the media you love in Lumen5! Just click the star icon in the bottom right corner. This guide can help you get started.


We have a new way to change the layout of your scenes for dynamically framing media! This guide can help you get started.


We now have lots of templates for you to choose from to help you get started with your next video! Try it out.

Delete Sub-Scenes

🗑 The merge button for sub-scenes has been retired in favor of a new delete button, the same as for regular scenes!

Intelligent scene animation

We're now using AI and machine learning to recommend the perfect motion to add to still images to make them more dynamic, and focus on the important part of the image. You can still choose your own animation from More Options.

Change the font size

You can now override the default font size on a per-scene basis. 🎊 ezgif-2-891318a99553.gif

New text toolbar

We've added a new toolbar above the text when you're editing it! You can add/remove highlights, move the text, and coming soon... change the font size! Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 7.38.30 PM.png

Crop videos and images

Under "Advanced" next to a scene, you will see a Crop option if the image or video selected doesn't quite fit the format you're working in. You can then choose which part of the image or video is shown in the scene, and which is cropped out.