Customize video pacing

You can now customize your video's pacing! Simply choose from Slow, Normal, or Fast in the Video Pacing dropdown!

Outro scene added as a slide

Outro settings were previously under the Style tab. This has been moved to the bottom of your slides and you can now type directly into the text box.


Language-based scene timing

Length of each scene is determined by the amount of text on a slide based on average reading speed. Previously this was calculated using English reading speed, but now Lumen5 will detect the language and automatically use the average reading speed for any language!

Improved support widget

On the bottom right corner, you'll find our new and improved support widget!


New text animation

This new text animation replaces our previous text animations. This is our first step to creating more variations later on.


Watermark position & opacity

Two new watermark options!

  • Position your watermark in the top left or top right
  • Choose a watermark opacity from 10% to 100%

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 3.55.14 PM.png

Text style options!

You can now select between black bars behind your text in the style tab! Quickly change the style of your video's text with this quick option.


PS: We're working on my ways to style your video. Stay tuned!

Credit scene preview

Using any media that requires attribution will be displayed in a credit scene as the very last slide. You can choose the option to display the attribution on-scene instead under the Style tab.

screencast 2018-03-15 14-14-22.gif

New feature: Projects

Create new projects and collaborate with your team members.


Chinese, Korean, & Japanese Support!

Our default free font (Noto) supports most languages, but didn't support Chinese, Korean, or Japanese until today. Find additional language options in the Font dropdown in the Style tab!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Lumen5 will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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