Ludus changelog
Ludus changelog

Ludus 1.2.1



  • Some problems with old text blocks have been fixed.
  • The title of a published presentation could be the draft title if you were logged in. Now it's always correct, regardless of your login status.
  • Fix some rendering edge cases with gradients 🌈
  • Sometimes the slide number in the URL of a presentation wouldn't work, it should be all good now.
  • Fix a few edges cases with multi-colored text blocks.
  • The speaker view could be out of sync with the main presentation for no apparent reasons.
  • Issues with Lottie animations not always playing in draft mode.
  • Fix an issue with the detection of an updated template.
  • Editing an instance of a symbol too quickly could generate errors: you should be able to go as fast as you want now 🚀
  • Fix several issues when ungrouping an SVG
  • The version of Ludus you see in the browser console is now aligned with the version you see in this changelog 😬


  • The caching of static assets should work much better now 🏎
  • The dynamic background color is now the same in the editor (in light mode) and the viewer. It's also much more subtle now.
  • We added a captcha on the signup/login page to prevent malicious bots create phishing presentations 🤖