Ludus changelog
Ludus changelog

Ludus 1.0






We are finally releasing what we consider Ludus 1.0. Why? Because it has finally a fully working live collaboration feature. The whole app has been deeply reworked, and it should be much more reliable and performant.

What new then? ⤵️

1. Live collaboration

Everything now works in real time, no more weird limitations.


2. Draft/published presentations

Work on your presentation and publish only when you feel like it. This allows you to work in confidence, on an already shared presentation.

3. Live viewer

When working on a presentation, the preview is synced live with the editor. No need to reload.

live viewer demo.gif

4. UI Theme: dark or light, choose your side!

By default, it will use your system settings. But you can manually choose a theme: in the dashboard or editor, go to the top left menu and select "Interface settings".

5. Smart Blocks 2.0

All properties of an instance are now editable (previously it was only possible for text fields), directly from the canvas.


6. Google Drive integration

You can now create a new Ludus presentation directly from Google Drive. That way, it will be synchronized at all times and you'll be able to continue handling all your documents, including Ludus presentations, directly from Google Drive.

➡️ All the details are here