Ludus changelog
Ludus changelog

Ludus 1.0.1





  • Fix an issue with cropped images of old versions of Ludus
  • Copy URL button in publish panel is now working in all cases
  • Speaker notes are now live, no need to publish anymore!
  • Fixed an issue in the viewer for objects with a link to another side: it could stop working if clicked during a transition
  • Fixed glitches with dark/light theme
  • Some objects could be in a weird "unlockable" state when unlinked from a template
  • Fixed an issue preventing the slide manager to be draggable





  • Images are now using WebGL less often, resulting in better memory management (if you had your browser flickering sometimes that will fix it — hopefully 😅)
  • The viewer should now feel faster when using transitions: you don't have to wait until it's finished before you can switch slides