Ludus changelog
Ludus changelog

Ludus 1.2.3



  • Undoing some specific actions on Smart Block could generate error (sometimes even silently… 💀). Sorry about that we've been tracking this one for a long time.
  • We fixed several bugs in Safari related to text and icons with shadows
  • Fixed a bug with login/auth process

Ludus 1.2.2



  • URL in dashboard changes when filtering presentations (query, tag, channel), allowing to get the permalink of the current dashboard view.
  • Publishing a presentation is now possible from the dashboard.
  • Improved clone presentation: much faster and more reliable now.


  • Multiple fixes related to the current status of the presentation in the dashboard (draft/published).
  • Fix zooming issues, especially with the mouse wheel.
  • Fix synchronization issues with Firebase for Smart Blocks.
  • Fix eye dropper: trigger via mouse click on the icon was not working anymore with the most recent Chrome versions.
  • Fix bug when deleting presentation slug (it was still there).
  • Many other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Ludus 1.2.1



  • Some problems with old text blocks have been fixed.
  • The title of a published presentation could be the draft title if you were logged in. Now it's always correct, regardless of your login status.
  • Fix some rendering edge cases with gradients 🌈
  • Sometimes the slide number in the URL of a presentation wouldn't work, it should be all good now.
  • Fix a few edges cases with multi-colored text blocks.
  • The speaker view could be out of sync with the main presentation for no apparent reasons.
  • Issues with Lottie animations not always playing in draft mode.
  • Fix an issue with the detection of an updated template.
  • Editing an instance of a symbol too quickly could generate errors: you should be able to go as fast as you want now 🚀
  • Fix several issues when ungrouping an SVG
  • The version of Ludus you see in the browser console is now aligned with the version you see in this changelog 😬


  • The caching of static assets should work much better now 🏎
  • The dynamic background color is now the same in the editor (in light mode) and the viewer. It's also much more subtle now.
  • We added a captcha on the signup/login page to prevent malicious bots create phishing presentations 🤖

Ludus 1.2: channels, editable themes, and other cool things…




Today, we are announcing a few new features, including channels, editable themes, and other things.


➡️ All the details are here

Ludus 1.1, with scrollable viewer!




There is a new feature in the publish/share panel to make your presentation "scrollable" like a good old PDF document.

It's sometimes more relevant than a slide by slide approach.

You can also hide the viewer controls so it really looks like a usual webpage.

We hope it will inspire you and unleash your creativity: why not using it to build a landing page? Your creative portfolio? We had some fun experimenting with it already, you can check the result:

We can't wait to see what you'll be using it for!


Ludus 1.0.4





  • Better memory management
  • Faster thumbnail generation
  • Long font names in the editor dropdown are visible via a tooltip





  • Fix several issues with the latest Safari 15.0 release and Ludus editor. If you face issues using this navigator, please don't hesitate to report it. In the meantime it's probably best to switch to Chrome based browsers or Firefox

Ludus 1.0.3





  • Several issues with images have been fixed
  • Some old text block had a very weird behavior while undoing/redoing
  • Fix some edge case with Smart Block overrides





  • Better performance on big presentation while editing

Ludus 1.0.2





  • Issue with slide numbering (via [#] in a text block)
  • Issue with automatic system theme detection on old browser (could block the access to the dashboard or editor)
  • Some Smart Blocks had a wrong opacity in the viewer
  • Charts and other "dynamic" content export correctly in PDF

Ludus 1.0.1





  • Fix an issue with cropped images of old versions of Ludus
  • Copy URL button in publish panel is now working in all cases
  • Speaker notes are now live, no need to publish anymore!
  • Fixed an issue in the viewer for objects with a link to another side: it could stop working if clicked during a transition
  • Fixed glitches with dark/light theme
  • Some objects could be in a weird "unlockable" state when unlinked from a template
  • Fixed an issue preventing the slide manager to be draggable





  • Images are now using WebGL less often, resulting in better memory management (if you had your browser flickering sometimes that will fix it — hopefully 😅)
  • The viewer should now feel faster when using transitions: you don't have to wait until it's finished before you can switch slides


Ludus 1.0






We are finally releasing what we consider Ludus 1.0. Why? Because it has finally a fully working live collaboration feature. The whole app has been deeply reworked, and it should be much more reliable and performant.

What new then? ⤵️

1. Live collaboration

Everything now works in real time, no more weird limitations.


2. Draft/published presentations

Work on your presentation and publish only when you feel like it. This allows you to work in confidence, on an already shared presentation.

3. Live viewer

When working on a presentation, the preview is synced live with the editor. No need to reload.

live viewer demo.gif

4. UI Theme: dark or light, choose your side!

By default, it will use your system settings. But you can manually choose a theme: in the dashboard or editor, go to the top left menu and select "Interface settings".

5. Smart Blocks 2.0

All properties of an instance are now editable (previously it was only possible for text fields), directly from the canvas.


6. Google Drive integration

You can now create a new Ludus presentation directly from Google Drive. That way, it will be synchronized at all times and you'll be able to continue handling all your documents, including Ludus presentations, directly from Google Drive.

➡️ All the details are here