Many little fixes

  • Fixed lines weird behavior when grouped or in a Smart Block
  • Fixed text issues positioning with uppercase
  • Improved the rendering of some SVG icons
  • Fixed text issues while in a Smart Block
  • Fixed an important issue with Smart Block: it could sometimes not always reflect the last update
  • Improved rulers position while editing a template or a smart block
  • Visually improved the status bar while editing a template or a smart block (it takes less space and uses a blurred background… because it's so hype these days 😅)

Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 13.16.28.png

Rulers and guidelines

It’s finally here and it should be very helpful to keep things aligned in your slides. Just press ⇧R (or Shift+R on Windows) to toggle the rulers and start dragging from the top or left to make guidelines appear. You can easily remove them by pressing delete or manually change their position from the right column.

guidelines-geenral-intro.2020-11-20 16_59_20.gif

You can edit the guideline position like you would on any other objects in Ludus. For the horizontal guidelines, you can only change the Y position and for the vertical ones, only the X position. And if you want to go really custom you can change the color of your guideline (if you need to define different types of guidelines for you and your team).


SVG improvements

We also made some improvements regarding vector graphics. We solved a bug that occurred when undoing an SVG ungroup and that could lead to unwanted results. We also improved the behavior of copy and paste from Illustrator or Figma. Now shapes and lines are pasted as such, and not converted to paths anymore.

improvedSvgImport.2020-11-20 17_05_22.gif

A better crop

The crop feature has been improved, preventing you to go off bounds and now also providing the possibility to zoom.

easycrop.2020-11-20 16_29_44.gif

By the way, you can crop videos as well now.

Everything you can do to images or GIFs work exactly the same way on videos, including cropping or rounding corners.

cropVideoRounded.2020-11-20 16_31_26.gif

Dynamic resize

You can now unconstraint proportions when resizing images, videos, groups, or Smart Blocks, offering you easier adjustments and far better flexibility overall.

This is how you resize an image in Ludus now.

dynamicResize.2020-11-20 16_35_33.gif

It's working the same way in an active selection.

dynamicResize.2020-11-20 16_34_32.gif

You can also unconstraint the proportion of your Smart Blocks. They just became a little bit smarter 😅

smartblock resize.2020-11-20 16_37_36.gif

Faster and rounded images

Images in the slides are now loaded asynchronously, which will make everything ostensibly fast. Another nice novelty with images is that you can now adjust their border-radius, so you can make them perfectly round if that’s what you wanna do.


Workspace invitations now fully working

We fixed a bug where workspace invitations could sometimes fail (appearing as invalid or expired when they weren't).

Better PDF export

We improved the PDF export feature, making the file smaller in size and better in quality.

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

You can now access your creative assets straight from Ludus thanks to the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries integration!

Article_01 (1).png

More info here:

New dashboard organization

The dashboard has been slightly redesigned. You can now find the dropdown to navigate between your workspaces on the top left corner and your account settings on the top right corner. Buttons to create a new presentation and to switch between grid view and list view are now located on the right.

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 10.16.09.png

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 10.16.22.png