Ludus changelog
Ludus changelog

Minor fixes





  • Fix Unsplash that didn't want to load
  • Fix visual glitch when cropping an image
  • Improve rendering of an old path object (if you saw that one thanks for being such a loyal user 😅)
  • Fix issues with team invites
  • Fix issues when opening a viewer when using a custom domain
  • Fix date issue in billing tab in Safari
  • Fix hyperlink on text or shapes that could overlap the entire slide in some situation
  • Fix color picker: it could crash when you copy/paste a color value

Improved font dropdown





You can search in the font menu and navigate it by keyboard. Also, the most used fonts in the current presentation are always at the top of the list. You just become much more productive! 🙂

font menu.gif

Curved line





See the life on the bright side! It's time to curve your lines!

curvy lines.gif

Viewer 4.5





We improved our viewer to use less memory, be snappier and more precise. It also has been completely revamped internally to be a lot more efficient one mobile, even if you integrate intensive integration such a SketchFab or Figma.

Clearer invoice details





We changed the way our billing system work. Previously it could be a bit confusing, especially when you change the amount of users in your workspace, because we hold back the new payment until the end of the billing period, and that generated invoice where is looks like you pay a lot more than expected.

Now you pay upfront when you add a user (prorated to the rest of the billing period), and you get credits when you remove a user (automatically applied to the next invoice).

At the end you pay exactly the same amount, but it's just way easier to understand for what you're paying.

Fix issue with fonts loading





Sometimes loading fonts on slow connection could be problematic and generated wrong text layout. It should be much totally reliable now regardless of your internet connection.

Improved autoplay video





Autoplay video in modern browsers can be problematic. Especially video with sounds on mobile (on IOS your video must be muted to autoplay). As we don't want our users to worry about these technical considerations, we added an autoplay detection and if the device (or the browser) don't allow it we mute the video to make sure the autoplay work.

Fix annoying little details





  • Fix images with EXIF orientation
  • Fix flip on skewed images
  • Fix slide numbering that stopped working
  • Fix viewer not always going directly to the slide number when hash present in URL
  • Improve cache performance
  • Don't need to reload the page after adding a workspace member
  • Improve video performance on iOS devices
  • Fix shadow not always rendering correctly on Safari

Theme gallery





theme galllery.gif

We now have a public gallery of themes that you can clone into your workspace. This lets you to fully edit that theme (and clone it again and again to create variants if needed). It's directly accessible from the dashboard in the "Create presentation" tab.

Many little fixes





  • Fixed lines weird behavior when grouped or in a Smart Block
  • Fixed text issues positioning with uppercase
  • Improved the rendering of some SVG icons
  • Fixed text issues while in a Smart Block
  • Fixed an important issue with Smart Block: it could sometimes not always reflect the last update
  • Improved rulers position while editing a template or a smart block
  • Visually improved the status bar while editing a template or a smart block (it takes less space and uses a blurred background… because it's so hype these days 😅)

Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 13.16.28.png