Profile Courses and Messaging Privacy

  • Messaging Preferences: While messaging is a great tool for students to ask instructors questions on course content and for instructors to get dedicated feedback on their course, messaging privacy settings gives you the opportunity to determine how much or how little you would like to be contacted.

  • Profile Courses Privacy: By default, the courses you have enrolled in will be displayed on your profile. Think of it as your Luckyworm course transcript and as a way to show everyone what you have learned. But, for anyone who would like to turn this off, no worries, we have introduced the ability to control who sees which courses you have enrolled in.


Manage Your Email Preferences

  • Email Preferences: Not to toot our own horn, but we have a lot of great things to share. However, we hate inbox clutter as much as the next guy. You can easily choose when you get an email from us by visiting our privacy and preferences page after logging into your account. You can also manage your email settings, or unsubscribe, from the links at the bottom of any email.

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Password Updating

  • Super Secretive Password Updating: Whether you've simply decided it's time for a change, or if you've made the decision for security reasons, it's easy to change your Luckyworm password. To change your existing password, you must know your current password and be able to log into your account. Under account settings you will now find an option to update your password. Choose 'em strong, friends!

Social Media Profiles Promotion

  • Want to promote yourself online? Some say it's not what you know but who you know. We believe both are important. In your profile, you can add links to your personal website, YouTube channel, and social media profiles​ like Twitter and Facebook. These links can provide more information about your experience and credentials, and are a great way for instructors and students to build expanded networks for continued learning.


Account Information Updating

  • Updating your account information: One of the great things about your Luckyworm account is that it's fully yours. We've made it easy for you to update your account details on your own. But not just any details. We’re talking about the super-secretive kind. Privacy matters and locking down the hatch when it comes to your personal data is what we do. So, if you ever feel the need to change your account info, go ahead. We got you.


Update Your Profile Information

  • Profile Information Updating: Help your instructors and fellow students learn more about you by completing your Luckyworm user profile. By default, users can now update their name and share a little bit about themselves.

A Match Made in Heaven

  • Introducing Live Updates: You know that feeling when you have the right tool for a job? Well, we’ve partnered with Headway to offer live updates of what we’re working on, and we’re feelin’ it. Check the notifications icon in the top right corner for the latest updates and features coming your way with love from Luckyworm.

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Your Face and Cover Photo

What's New

Of course, the ability to change your profile photo exists. And to show you how much we truly do love you (in an HR appropriate way), we even threw in the ability to change your profile's cover photo.

  • Your Face Users can now add a profile photo to their account and select one of several spiffy cover photo options. Duck face while duck hunting? Go for it. Really, the options are limitless.

  • Profile Cover Photo We have also added the ability to choose from a plethora of options for a user's profile cover photo. All perfectly sized, beautifully articulated to represent hunters and anglers alike!


An Education-based Marketplace

  • So, why start this marketplace? - We are building this platform on a love for the outdoors and the desire to preserve hunting and fishing knowledge. We believe that outdoor recreation serves a vital economic, social and environmental role in conservation, therefore, we are committed to using education as a force for positive change.

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Brand Usage Guidelines

  • Our Brand In a Nutshell - We've created some guidelines to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content and trademarks without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use. If you have any questions, just reach out to us and strike up a conversation.

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