Upsell Offers

  • Increase your cross-course sales conversion rates: Introducing a new feature that allows you to customize your Thank You page with a post-purchase upsell. An upsell offer allows you to advertise any other courses you may have in your catalog. Additionally, students will be able to purchase additional courses straight from the Thank You page.

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Appreciation and Gratitude

  • Thank You Page Custom Message: Show your appreciation for your student purchasing your course by writing a little message to them. It's always nice to receive a little token of appreciation from anyone you purchase a product from. This is your chance as an instructor to extend said gratitude.

Featured Course Reviews

  • Featuring course reviews: Give your course a little love by showing everyone what today's students are saying about your teachings. Demonstrate social proof to increase your course's sales conversion by choosing two reviews to be showcased on your course landing page.


Course Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Updating your course's requirements: At some point in your development of a course, you may find yourself needing to let your students know what they should know before proceeding with taking your course. That's where the capability of defining those requirements comes in. Whether it's a certain type of gear needed, prior courses were taken or techniques learned, make sure to list them all in order to give the student a better learning experience.

Promo Video for Your Course

  • Adding/Updating a course's promo video: A course's promo video is your opportunity to show a potential student what your course offering is all about. Students who watch a good promo video are 5X more likely to enroll in your course. Remember to keep it short, concise and describe the benefits of the course and what students will be able to do after completing it.


Course Cover Photo

  • Updating a course's cover photo: Make your course stand out by adding a course cover photo. A good course image is critical to a course's success. It should grab the attention of the viewer and help them understand the essence of what the course has to offer. Just make sure to follow our course image guidelines and you should be well on your way to a great cover photo in no time.

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Course Categories and Visibility

Give your course more visibility within our marketplace by utilizing categories and tags.

  • Tagging: Tagging your course will increase its likelihood of being included in a potential student's search results. Understanding which search terms our users are searching by will be key to your success.
  • Categories: Selecting the categories that your course is best suited for, gives your course the exposure it deserves for anyone browsing Luckyworm's categories. It's one small step for Luckyworm, one giant leap for course creators everywhere.


What You Will Learn

  • Course Landing: As part of the Course Landing page, we are introducing the ability to list out the important subjects your course covers. Not only is this a great opportunity to give prospective students a quick overview of the topics covered within your course, but it also establishes your course's value proposition, setting the stage for a sale.


Updating a Course's Landing Page

  • Course Landing Page Updating: Every course in Luckyworm's marketplace will need a page where a student can go to get a preview of the course they are interested in.
  • Course General Information: As a result of the need for a course landing page, we are introducing the ability to update your course's general information on the course landing page. Every course will need a title, subtitle and a description to inform potential students of what they can expect to learn when taking your course.

Create an Engaging Course

  • Create a course: The time has arrived to begin developing your courses. Whether you've been teaching for years or are teaching for the first time, you can now make an engaging course on Luckyworm.