December 2018

  • If you have a Team subscription, you can now better manage the permissions for each of your users. For example, you can define who can see the Reports or the Clients section and who can’t, etc.
  • You could already add files from Dropbox, Google Drive or your computer for your clients, jobs and suppliers. From now on, you can also add files from OneDrive.
  • There is a new integration with Office365 Calendar that allows you to synchronize all your jobs into your calendar.
  • When you send an email using, the email is sent from, and when the recipient hits Reply, his/her email is sent to your own address. We now offer an integration with Gmail and Office 365 Outlook. By connecting your Gmail or Office 365 Outlook account to, the emails will be sent from your email address and t stored in your ‘Sent’ mail folder.
  • When you send emails using, you can ask to receive a copy of them. Until now, this copy was sent as a separate email. As from now, your email address will be added in Bcc to the original email.