April 2019

  • You can now decide to hide the page numbers in your documents.
  • When you generate the PDF file of an invoice marked as ‘Paid’, you can choose to have a ‘Paid’ stamp on the invoice, with the payment date.
  • You can now edit the due date of an invoice in the invoice itself (until now you could only edit the payment term).
  • On each page (except the reports), you can now select two dates in the filter to target a specific period.
  • For each supplier, there is a new ‘Purchase orders’ tab where you can find all the POs you created for this supplier.
  • You can now define a discount directly in a job, by clicking on the estimate of the job. You can also apply a discount on each line of a quote (until now, you could only define a global discount for a quote).
  • We improved the rounding rule for all numbers in LSP.expert.
  • We improved the Export functionality: The Excel file generated now contains all the details you entered in LSP.expert and you can use the filters to select the data to be exported.