January 2019

  • A new CAT tool is supported by LSP.expert for the import of analysis files: XTM.
  • You can now change the client and the currency of a job that has already been created. Until now, you had to delete the job and recreate it to select another client or currency.
  • You can now add an extra charge and a discount to an outsourcing.
  • You can copy/paste the comment of a supplier.
  • We added 2 new reports: “Quantity by supplier” and “Quantity by client”.
  • The time entries for each job are now displayed per day, with the total time for each day.
  • We added checkboxes to use the delivery date of the jobs in the user’s calendar (instead of the due date) and to not mark the user as “busy” in his/her calendar when he/she enter jobs in LSP.expert.

November 2019

  • You can now create POs containing more than one job.
  • You can update a line of a PO with the latest information about a job (no need to recreate the PO).
  • When in a PO, you can now easily see the linked expenses.
  • In the supplier portal, there is a new button to download all the files at once.
  • The suppliers now see a pop-up in the portal every time they upload a file, asking them if they want to close the job.
  • It is now possible to add a nickname for the suppliers, to be used in the emails containing a PO and the link to the supplier portal.
  • The days are now displayed on the left in the list of jobs (like in a calendar), to give you a clearer view of what you have to do during the day, the week or the month.
  • Team version : You can now upload a profile picture.
  • Team version : In the list of jobs, you can see the picture of the user responsible for the job.
  • Team version : In the Notes field of a job, client, supplier, etc., the system tells you who wrote the notes.
  • You can now define a default filter for your lists in LSP.expert. You can also organize your saved filters as you wish by drag and dropping them.

October 2019

  • We made the management of master data easier in the documents created with LSP.expert.
  • We added Memsource to the CAT tools supported by LSP.expert.
  • You can now filter the jobs based on the status of the outsourcing.
  • In the list of invoices, you can now filter on the amount of an invoice.
  • In the Monthly Sales report, you can now decide to take into account (or not) the jobs marked as ‘On hold’, using a new checkbox.

September 2019

  • You can now increment the invoice numbers separately for each client.
  • We added a "bulk delete" option, that allows to delete more than one item at once in your lists.
  • There is a new status for the outsourced jobs ("Ready for review").
  • We rearranged the layout of the Contacts tab, under Clients.
  • We added a supplier portal, that allows to share files and instructions with your suppliers by sending them a unique link.
  • A new CAT tool is supported by LSP.expert for the import of analysis files: Déjà Vu X3.

June 2019

  • You can now add an extra charge to your jobs (a rush fee for example).
  • A green little “v” now appears next to the clock icon in the list of jobs to indicate if any time has already been tracked for the job.
  • We added a multi-labelling option that allows to add (but also to remove or edit) a label to more than one job/client/quote/invoice/PO at once.

May 2019

  • You can now filter every page (even the reports) using as many criteria as you wish. You simply have to select them all in the dropdown menus.
  • We added the possibility to choose among different paper sizes for the documents you create with LSP.expert: A4, Letter, Legal.
  • You can now indicate the first day of your fiscal year, so that the reports are adapted accordingly.

April 2019

  • You can now decide to hide the page numbers in your documents.
  • When you generate the PDF file of an invoice marked as ‘Paid’, you can choose to have a ‘Paid’ stamp on the invoice, with the payment date.
  • You can now edit the due date of an invoice in the invoice itself (until now you could only edit the payment term).
  • On each page (except the reports), you can now select two dates in the filter to target a specific period.
  • For each supplier, there is a new ‘Purchase orders’ tab where you can find all the POs you created for this supplier.
  • You can now define a discount directly in a job, by clicking on the estimate of the job. You can also apply a discount on each line of a quote (until now, you could only define a global discount for a quote).
  • We improved the rounding rule for all numbers in LSP.expert.
  • We improved the Export functionality: The Excel file generated now contains all the details you entered in LSP.expert and you can use the filters to select the data to be exported.

March 2019

  • We renewed all the LSP.expert videos on our website.
  • We completely renewed the LSP.expert website.

February 2019

  • You can now save filters to easily reuse them later.
  • You can now send your emails using your own SMTP server.

January 2019

  • You can display your job references in your documents.
  • You can display the currency for each amount in your documents.
  • We created an Affiliate Program that allows you to earn money for each friend you convert to LSP.expert.
  • You can see your profitability for each job and group of jobs (and there is a new Profitability report to see your profitability per hour and per client).
  • We added nice graphics to some of the available reports.
  • There is a new "Expense label" filter for the "Profit & Loss" and "Taxes" reports.
  • Outsourcing: when you only have one supplier in the system, we removed a step (and thus a few clicks) when the job is outsourced.