New reporting feature (comparison between two periods of time)

You can now compare your performance with the prior period, viewable by year, month or quarter. In the reports, a blue line represents the current period, whereas a new grey dotted line represents the previous period. You can edit the comparison (for example compare your current performance with the one from two years ago) or remove it entirely if you want to isolate a current period. When you point your mouse on the dots in the graph, you see on the left your current performance and on the right the previous performance (+ the percentage of change).

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Reference number for expenses

You can now give a reference number to your expenses (like for jobs). If the expense is linked to the outsourcing of a job with a reference number, the system will copy the reference number of the job for the expense. But you can of course also change this reference number by opening the details of the expense and clicking on the little pencil. There is also a new Reference filter for the expenses (Search button).

Change the service when outsourcing a job

You can now change the service of a job when you outsource it. That is particularly useful if you invoice your clients in “source words”, but you outsource jobs in “target words” to your suppliers. When outsourcing the job, you can then select the service using target words. You can also use this functionality when you would like to outsource a revision of a translation without necessarily creating a new job for the revision.

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New Groups view

There is a new Groups view in, where you can manage all your groups more easily than before.

Next to the existing group functionalities (budget and profitability for example), we added some new options, like a general progress for the whole group, an automatic calculation of the due date, the possibility to add labels and notes at the group level and a specific Actions menu for the jobs in the group.

Everything is explained here:


Define a PM for a group of jobs

You can now add a Project Manager to all the jobs in a group in just a click.

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Archive clients and suppliers

You can now archive your clients and suppliers (in the past the archiving functionality was only available for jobs and documents, not for ‘people’). The names of these archived clients/suppliers won’t appear in the dropdown menus when you create or outsource a job.

New 'Paid' filter for the expenses

We added a new Paid filter for the expenses, so you can get a list of all your expenses that have been marked as paid.


New 'internal notes' field

You can now add what we call internal notes for your quotes, POs and invoices (adding notes was only possible for jobs, clients and suppliers in the past). The text in this field won’t appear on your documents, it’s just for you if you need to remember something.

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2 new reports

There are two new reports in Time spent by service and Time spent by client, which sum up all your time-tracking entries for each service/client.


Select items on multiple pages

You can now select items on more than one page in your lists of jobs, invoices, quotes, etc. So when you select items on the first page and then switch to the second page, your selection isn’t lost anymore. With this new feature, we decided to limit each page to 50 jobs to make sure our website doesn’t slow down.

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