New 'Paid' filter for the expenses

We added a new Paid filter for the expenses, so you can get a list of all your expenses that have been marked as paid.


New 'internal notes' field

You can now add what we call internal notes for your quotes, POs and invoices (adding notes was only possible for jobs, clients and suppliers in the past). The text in this field won’t appear on your documents, it’s just for you if you need to remember something.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-03 at 09.12.56.jpeg

2 new reports

There are two new reports in Time spent by service and Time spent by client, which sum up all your time-tracking entries for each service/client.


Select items on multiple pages

You can now select items on more than one page in your lists of jobs, invoices, quotes, etc. So when you select items on the first page and then switch to the second page, your selection isn’t lost anymore. With this new feature, we decided to limit each page to 50 jobs to make sure our website doesn’t slow down.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-03 at 08.58.38.jpeg

New filter in the list of jobs

In your list of jobs, you can now also filter your jobs based on the status of the outsourcing (if the supplier accepted the job, rejected it or if you’re still waiting on a confirmation).

new filter.png

Automatic PO creation when the supplier accepts the job

We added the option to automatically create a PO when a supplier accepts a job on the portal. This PO is then automatically added to the job on the supplier portal.

auto PO creation.png

Accept/reject jobs on the supplier portal

From now on, the suppliers can also directly accept or reject a job on the supplier portal, using the corresponding buttons. They can also add a comment to justify their acceptance/rejection or ask a question. This option has to be enabled in the portal settings.


Supplier evaluation

We improved the functionality to evaluate suppliers. In the past you could only give “stars” (from 1 to 5) to your suppliers to evaluate their work, now you can evaluate them based on specific criteria like “grammar & spelling” or “style” and link the evaluation to a particular job. To know more about that, see this article:

supplier evaluation.png

supplier evaluation 2.png

Emails to suppliers

When you receive an automatic email (sent from notifying you that a supplier has accepted, rejected or finished a job on the portal, you can now start a conversation with this supplier by just replying to this email (the email will be sent to the email address of the supplier).

PO number at the group level

You can now add a PO number for all the jobs in a group at once. To do that, you have to click on the little pencil in the group details. This PO number will be automatically added to each job in the group (you won’t be able to edit this number at the job level).

PO number at group level.png