LSP-expert updates
LSP-expert updates

Domains of expertise




We now manage domains of expertise!

You can define a domain of expertise for your jobs and suppliers by using the corresponding field and, when you outsource a job, the system will automatically suggest you a supplier that has the same domain of expertise as the one you defined in the job.

You can add, edit and delete domains of expertise under Settings > Domains of expertise. We already made up a list of domains for you to use, but you can customize it based on your needs.

You can also filter your list of suppliers based on the domains of expertise, using the Search button.


Easier duplicating of a job




When you duplicate a job, you now have a new option "Save and duplicate again". By selecting this option, you won't be redirected to the newly created job (as you were in the past) but you will stay on the same "main" job and be able to duplicate it again directly. This will save you some clicks and makes job creation easier, especially in large projects containing many jobs and language combinations.


Preferred suppliers for your clients




You can now define "preferred clients" for your suppliers (in the suppliers' details area) and filter your list of suppliers based on that information. When outsourcing a job, you now have a stamp icon next to the supplier's name if they are marked as "preferred" for the client. The preferred suppliers will always appear first in the list when you outsource a job.


Deadline as delivery date of a job




Under Settings > Advanced options, we added the possibility to indicate that you want the deadline of a job to be automatically used as the delivery date of the job.


Suppliers' experience with clients




In the suppliers’ details area, there is now a new “Experience” tab. Here you can see the experience or history of the supplier with your various clients (how many times they worked on jobs for a particular client, when was their most recent job for that client, etc.) When you’re outsourcing a job, you can also see this info directly in the suggested list of suppliers.


Time zones for suppliers




You can now define a time zone for your suppliers (under People > Suppliers). This time zone will also be displayed in the list of suggested suppliers when you’re outsourcing a job (along with the local time in the city where the supplier lives). If you don’t define any time zone for a supplier, the system will use your time zone by default (the one you defined in your settings).


Search on all labels selected




We added a new filter (in fact it’s a box that can be toggled on or off) for labels everywhere in (lists and reports). It’s called “All” and it allows you to search on all the labels you select in the dropdown menu (in the past, the search could only be made based on one label at a time).


Edit the price of a job as a one-off




When you edit a unit cost for a job in a quote or invoice, the system won’t automatically update the client’s details anymore. BUT editing a unit cost in a job will continue to update the client’s details. This allows you to lock in a price for a job by creating a quote and changing the unit cost in this quote (this won’t update the client). See:

Latest notes at the top




Everywhere in, the latest note is now displayed at the top (in the past, the new notes were added below the other notes).

Validity date of a quote




The validity date of quotes is still automatically calculated based on the number of days defined at the client level, but the validity date itself can now be changed for each individual quote. Another upgrade to quotes is that the price of a job is now locked whenever a quote is linked to it (whatever the status of the quote, except when the quote is marked as Rejected). In the past, the price of the job was locked only when the quote was marked as Accepted.

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