LoudDoc updates
LoudDoc updates

Feature Update, April 21st, 2017





We've added a new Plugin and some UI improvements.

GDrive Plugin

You can now view and interact with your google drive embedded right in your desktop. Navigate the folders like a desktop window and select any file to use.

Even with a shared desktop, only you can see the files that you have permission to view. Anyone else viewing the same desktop will not see files and folders in your drive that they do not have permission to see. All drive files and folders are permission controlled from your gdrive secure account.

UI improvements include:

  1. New slide out add tool.
  2. Create a new desktop is now a NEW button.
  3. The editor toggle is now labelled ADD.
  4. The URL of your desktop is now displayed at the bottom of the control panel.
  5. The TOC now has a search icon (for an upcoming search function).
  6. New background patterns for your desktops.

As always, please let us know what you'd like to see from middlespot.com in the future.



Feature Update, April 7th, 2017





We've just made a new update to some minor features that people have been asking for. They are a grid layout and the ability to switch between private and public desktops.

Snap To Grid

A lot of people really like to see stuff in straight lines. So we built a new feature called SNAP TO GRID. This is a little blue button that appears in the bottom left corner of your desktop when you are in EDIT mode. When you select SNAP TO GRID, a blue graph paper overlay will appear on your desktop. Now any content you drag and drop will automatically line up with the grid lines (top left corner of your content to be exact). Just get close and the content will automatically snap to the grid.

You should now be able to organize your content in columns and rows quickly and easily.

Private/Public Desktops

Lots of people really wanted to be able to switch between creating a desktop in private then making it available to a broader audience. Previously you could only select one state for your desktop.

To change between a public or private desktop, go to the desktop settings and select the check box beside PUBLIC. If it's checked, the desktop is available to anyone who has the link to your desktop. If it's not checked, your desktop is PRIVATE, and only those who have a middlespot account and that you invite to view or contribute can access your desktop.

You can switch back and forth as often as you need.

Stay tuned, we have a huge feature update coming at the end of this month that I think will appeal to a lot of people who like to keep what's important as close and easily accessible as possible.

Thanks again, and please use our feedback tool to help us keep improving middlespot.

Feature Update, March 29, 2017





We've made a number of feature updates and under the hood improvements to middlespot over the last couple of weeks.

  1. new guided build of the desktop. For those of you just starting out, you might like to try our guided start which helps you make your desktop out of the content you might want. We'll step you through adding some social feeds, some weblinks, and some files to your new desktop.
  2. new HOW TO guide highlights the various features of middlespot and how to take advantage of our capabilities.
  3. new embed code for your desktop, so you can add it to any webpage as a resource for others. Embed it just like a youtube video.
  4. Improvements to the chrome browser extension for importing bookmarks onto your desktop.

As always, please let us know how we can keep making middlespot better. We're currently working on the following features:

  1. Adding shortcuts to your files stored in your cloud drives such as dropbox, gdrive, and onedrive.
  2. The ability to change a desktop from private to public and back.
  3. Password protect your desktop and share with others using the password.
  4. A new dynamic scale tool, so when you zoom out from your desktop, all your other desktops will appear.
  5. A zapier api integration.
  6. Better notification messaging.
  7. A search feature for your desktops and desktops created by others.

Import Bookmarks





We've just rolled a number of new features, UI improvements and bug fixes to middlespot. They include:

  1. Import your browser bookmarks onto your desktop. You can import all or just a select few of your chrome bookmarks. You'll need to install the chrome middlespot extension.
  2. New desktop button is more visible.
  3. Improved adding and dragging of resources when in edit mode of your desktop.
  4. New example desktops to help you get inspired.
  5. Improved Table of Contents.
  6. Edit the comment/info bar on your resource for easier identification.
  7. New sign up button on the default UI when it's your first time to the platform.
  8. Improved mobile display.

Plus a lot of backend improvements to the handling of your data to improve speed and reliability.

We hope you enjoy the update. Please let us know of what features you'd like to see or other improvements you think we can make at support@simplebooklet.com

Most Popular Desktop





By a measure of 60%, the most populare desktop that middlespot users create is the daily resource desktop, which they access from an open tab throughout the day. These desktops contain weblinks to important web apps and services (often to the login pages of those services), contain documents and files they refer to during the week, and plugins like facebook and twitter following multiple feeds.

Over a month period, the average daily resource desktop contains 34 weblinks to important web apps and sites. Middlespot users tend to start with 7-8 weblinks and build their resources over time.

These daily resource desktops tend to be used 80% from the desktop and then referred to 20% of the time from mobile and tablet devices.

Why not start your own daily resources desktop and see your productivity improve.

Quick UI Reference





We added a new help tool called HOW TO. You'll find it in the top left corner. It will remind you how to navigate and use your middlespot desktop from any of your devices using either your keyboard, your touch screen, or your mouse.

Updated Our Default Desktop





We've updated the default desktop and the new user onboarding experience. Some usability testing showed that a lot of new users didn't quite understand the navigation concepts that middlespot uses, specifically the idea of a desktop being navigable like an online map.

Hopefully this new desktop and the onboarding cards will help clear that up.

The Concepts Behind Middlespot





We've just published our first post to our blog describing our big, hairy, audacious goal we have for middlespot. These are the concepts behind how middlespot works and the goals it's trying to help you accomplish.


We hope you enjoy it.

Drag and Drop Uploading





Did you know you can upload a document, spreadsheet, video, audiofile, or image by just dragging it and dropping it on your desktop, in view or edit mode? We've made it super easy to add new resources to your desktop. You can also upload up to 10 files at a time. Cool.

New Homepage





We've updated our homepage to better reflect where we are taking middlespot. We hope you like our new approach.