LoudDoc updates
LoudDoc updates

Visible Folders On Google Drive





We've made a big under the hood update to middlespot which will give you more transparency to your content and improve the performance of your desktop. All of your desktops will now appear in your GDRIVE under the folder middlespot. In that folder, you will see a folder for each of your desktops. All of the content in those folders in google drive are what are displayed on your middlespot desktop.

What this means today.

So for now, you have complete visibility and control over the original and only copy of that file. You can edit it in your GDrive and it will be updated on your middlespot desktop.

What this means in the future.

By making this change, we will now be able to implement GDRIVE sync with your desktop. So, whenever you drop a file into your desktop folder on GDRIVE, it will automatically appear on your middlespot desktop.

You will also soon be able to see your URL links with screenshots on your middlespot desktops now displayed in your GDRIVE as well (a feature that a lot of people seem to be looking for from their Google Cloud Drive).

We hope you enjoy this new update and the features it will allow us to unlock for your middlespot desktop in the future.

On another note...

We did make some minor UI/UX improvements to your desktop as well. Some colors and highlights have been updated to emphasize important information. We also updated the flow for creating a new desktop to hopefully make it more obvious to what you can get. Also, we've improved the help overlays that appear when you click on the help icon in the bottom left toolbar.

As always, we really appreciate the feedback as we continue to improve middlespot desktops.