LoudDoc updates
LoudDoc updates

Feature Update, May 30th, 2017





New Features and some UI improvements.

New Control Panel

We've reduced the size of the control panel and cleaned up some of the features. You will notice that the sponsor banner has been reduced in size and the desktop and account tools are now on the top of the control panel.

New desktop listing layout

There is a new modal for your desktop folder. Your desktops are categorized based on the ones you own, the ones you contribute to, and the ones you follow.

Upload and Edit DOC, PPT, and XLS Files

When you upload a file to your desktop, you will now be able to edit the file directly on your desktop. Just tap on the file and it will open in a new tab, allowing you to make changes. If you share the desktop with others, they will also be able to edit the file (if you have made them contributors to your desktop).

Image Viewing

All images now can be viewed fullscreen. Tap on any image you have added to your desktop and you'll open a new tab in your browser allowing you to view the image fullscreen.

Access All Desktop Files In Your Google Drive

All the files saved on your desktop are stored in your personal gdrive on google. You can access them by opening your GDrive and navigating to the folder that is titled middlespot.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Open any content on your desktop by tapping the enter button. You can flip between your content using the arrow keys, then tap enter to open any content you are focused on.