LoudDoc updates
LoudDoc updates

Feature Update, April 21st, 2017





We've added a new Plugin and some UI improvements.

GDrive Plugin

You can now view and interact with your google drive embedded right in your desktop. Navigate the folders like a desktop window and select any file to use.

Even with a shared desktop, only you can see the files that you have permission to view. Anyone else viewing the same desktop will not see files and folders in your drive that they do not have permission to see. All drive files and folders are permission controlled from your gdrive secure account.

UI improvements include:

  1. New slide out add tool.
  2. Create a new desktop is now a NEW button.
  3. The editor toggle is now labelled ADD.
  4. The URL of your desktop is now displayed at the bottom of the control panel.
  5. The TOC now has a search icon (for an upcoming search function).
  6. New background patterns for your desktops.

As always, please let us know what you'd like to see from middlespot.com in the future.