Loopin news
Loopin news

Scalability and videos!

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With our growing list of customers (thank you! 🥳) we've been hard at work making our app more robust and able to handle hundreds of employees at once, so you can get more of your team onto Loopin.

  • 📸 More video resources: We've added dozens more resources to Loopin which will be released over the coming weeks, including a bunch of short video coaching sessions.
  • 📬 Add better onboarding emails: Loopin now has a chain of onboarding emails that will introduce Loopin to your team, and explain some of our core features.
  • 👭 Scaling to more users: We want Loopin to be the place where enterprises go to understand their people, which is why we've spent a lot of time in the last few weeks making sure our system can handle hundreds of your people at the same time.

🐛 Other bugs and features

We've also updated our website, with a new pricing page with a much more inclusive free plan (you can now use Loopin for free with 30 employees and no restrictions!).

You can check it out here!