Loopin news
Loopin news

New Month, New Loopin ✨

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Happy March everyone! The last few months have been a whirlwind as we re-wrote the entire product from scratch, so that we can deliver to you the best possible experience.

We are so excited to share with you what we've been working on in the last few months:

  • 🔒 1-Click Slack Authentication: Forget passwords, you can now login to Loopin through Slack in just one-click.
  • 🚌 Simplified Onboarding: What used to be a multi-step wizard has now been replaced with one step, to enable your whole team to get onto Loopin faster.
  • 🌍 We've gone global: From today, you'll be able to download Loopin directly from the app store and can feel secure knowing that Loopin has been vetted by Slack.
  • 🏉 Squads are now Teams: We've swapped our terminology so that 'squads' are now 'teams', and 'core squads' are now 'departments', to make it even clearer how our grouping system works.
  • 🌱 Brand-spanking new dashboard: Our dashboard has been completed re-vamped into a timeline of all the information you need to see on a daily basis. Right now, it only displays the check-ins of the people in your teams, but in the next few weeks we're hoping to add more and more unique content and insights into this framework.
  • 💅 Countless UI Improvements: We've spent a lot of time improving the look and feel of Loopin across the board; doing everything from re-arranging whole pages, re-designing each page to have a consistent brand, to adding helpful tooltips across our biggest features.

New Check-in Wizard

Loopin | Check-in Wizard.png

It wouldn't be a Loopin update without at least once massive new feature, and whilst there are a few in this release, I wanted to take a second to highlight our new check-in wizard that allows you to quickly add how you are feeling in a few taps.

One last word from us 👋

As we go live on the Slack app store, its important to us that we take a moment to thank you, the leaders and forward-thinking companies that saw our vision and helped us get to this position with your support, ideas, and feedback.

Thank you to all our beta customers - We're so excited to keep pushing Loopin forward with you ✨