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Loopin news

Introducing Coaching

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From the beginning our north star has been this: Can we give you the right information about how your team truly is, to personalise your education experience and help you become a great leader.

We're excited to announce our next step into this vision with "coaching". You should see some brand new articles and videos in your feed, but also a revamped style and tags to make it easier to favourite and see content of different types.

But that's not all, we've also been working on:

  • 🏎️ Faster modals: You'll now be able to add/remove/update users quicker both when activating and when you need to add users to a team.
  • 🌱 Improved Onboarding: You're people will now get a much better introduction to Loopin, with personalised emails and an onboarding checklist that explains the first steps.
  • ✨ Better Leader Dashboards: The dashboard's for team leaders and organisational leader's have both been improved with a new interface and a lot more insights and functionality to make managing your team easier than ever.

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The new onboarding checklist

Other bugs and features

We have a ton of new features in the works, including a new profile page for all the people in your organisation, better insights, and a completely revamped 1:1 experience that we're excited to show you.