Team member accounts


You may now invite unlimited team members to your Lobiloo account, for no additional fee. Visit your profile to get started.

Reduced fees for Payable Invoices


Instead of a 2% transaction fee, now you can process unlimited payments through Lobiloo for just $10 per month. Learn more >>.

Ability to edit custom arrangement names


Ever create a custom arrangement, then want to change its name later? Now you can in the improved arrangement selector.

Event archiving

Deleting an event will no longer "really" delete it. This means all your flowers, rentals, and other items introduced in that event will still be available for others.

Coming soon: ability to view your archive and "un-delete" proposals.

Force crop all image uploads


Tired of different sized images in your proposals? Now you can set a "fixed" ratio for all custom uploads. To enable on your account, email

Update your payment method


You may now update your credit card anytime from your User profile.

Inline HTML styles and line break support


Now supporting line breaks, headers, bold/italic styles, and more within your Disclaimer and Terms proposal sections.

Break up large text blocks, add font colors, and even embed images (via <img src="somewhere.png">)!

preview an estimate before exporting

After generating at least 1 estimate for an event, you may now "preview" it in the browser from the History tab.

hide the grand total

If you use Lobiloo primarily for client inspiration and not invoicing, now you can hide all the numbers.

From the Theme editor just uncheck "Show individual price breakdowns" and "Include a grand total."

set a font size for arrangement descriptions


Do you write a lot of details into your arrangement descriptions? Now you can fit more per page with a simple font size editor.

Set this inside Lobiloo > Theme Editor > Body > Arrangement Description.

Bonus: if you disable images on your estimate, the arrangement description will be full width.