preview an estimate before exporting

After generating at least 1 estimate for an event, you may now "preview" it in the browser from the History tab.

hide the grand total

If you use Lobiloo primarily for client inspiration and not invoicing, now you can hide all the numbers.

From the Theme editor just uncheck "Show individual price breakdowns" and "Include a grand total."

set a font size for arrangement descriptions


Do you write a lot of details into your arrangement descriptions? Now you can fit more per page with a simple font size editor.

Set this inside Lobiloo > Theme Editor > Body > Arrangement Description.

Bonus: if you disable images on your estimate, the arrangement description will be full width.

hide item names


Prefer not to show clients what you've named each item in an arrangement? Just uncheck this new option inside your Theme editor.

introducing our v2.0 theme editor


The Lobiloo default theme design just got an upgrade. Learn more >>

upload flowers in style


Connect your Instagram or search for stock images with our brand new image uploader. Then crop, resize, add effects, and more in seconds.

separate tax rules for rental items


Don't charge Tax/VAT on non floral content? No problem, just uncheck "Taxable?" beneath an arrangement to exclude taxes automatically.

Auto rotate image uploads

Image "meta data" containing which perspective (portrait/landscape) a custom photo should be, is now honored during upload.

Deposits and partial payment support


Whether or not you use Payable Invoices, you may now specify a down payment in your proposals. Learn more >>

Search all the things


If it has a name, you can find it. Instant search is now available for custom gallery items, recipes, and more.

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