Algorithm upgraded to 1.9

Credit Algorithm upgraded to v.1.9, including terminal-based setup (single/double swipe)

Improvements to now includes logic to handle improper cursor placement.

FullCalendar upgraded to 4.2

FullCalendar, the E>Events Calendar plugin, has been upgraded to version 4.2. The upgrade from 3.x to 4.x involved substantial changes, so be aware of possible issues.

New Dispute Center in Liszt Portal

Liszt Portal now includes a Dispute Center for quickly resolving disputes.

Alterations to Export Functions

Data exports now looks slightly different. These changes are in preparation of mass edit by spreadsheet functions.

People selectors changed to uniform $p->PeopleInput boxes

Dropdowns for choosing people now uses an input selectbox that has uniform behaviors across all modules.

Check-in buttons simplified

Check-in buttons in inventory now immediately check-in the item, rather than load a modal window.

Music inventory released

Music Inventory released

Moment.js updated from 2.22.1 to 2.24.0

Moment.js updated

Account and Permissions field removed from Person records

Unused fields on person records have been moved to user records for uniform permission management.