Improvements to H>Music

Score field (LZ-25) and Text field (LZ-55) now available to all Hammer users.

Updates to Liszt Filesystem Handler

Slight changes to how Liszt delivers files from Issue LZ-56.

Liszt 3.0 Release

New templating engine and internal hardening.

Updates to Performance tools, ICS generator, and Import logic

ICS calendar subscription no longer shows dummy events.

Event Performizer now works as expected.

Event Import upgrades.

Reworking permissions

More permissions changes, slight changes to save flow.

Altering permissions for upgrade to Liszt 3

Moving cross-site permission handling from Liszt frontend to Liszt backend.

Slight changes to Microsoft O365 Authentication

Updates for Liszt 3; updates to integrate current O365 login system with OAuth capabilities for multiple providers.

Geolocation checkin added to Liszt Portal

Users can now use an updated geolocation to log in to Liszt Portal for attendance purposes.

Updates to reporting permissions

Reports module permissions changed from Superadministrators to Administrators

Menu updates for Tools module

Tools module is now located under Settings