Added Listening component alpha

Generally Available

Fixed QR Code Login for Liszt Portal LZ-77

Now works with updated Liszt Portal

Portal Login now allows for custom domains

Existing sites will move to either custom domain or *

Redesigned Liszt Portal

Liszt Portal now looks like Liszt

Renamed "Events" to "Schedule" for easier navigation

Preventing Events>Events navigation

Push Alpha Jury Module

LZ-65, LZ-66, LZ-67, LZ-68, LZ-69.

Assorted bug fixes, Addition of Liszt Apps

Non-Liszt NoteForge Apps now appear in Liszt under Liszt>Apps

Event Attendance Async Updates (LZ-63)

Updates to Asynchronous Event Attendance (NDSU Automated Email)

Linked Expenses to Projects (LZ-7)

Expenses now can be linked to projects.

OAuth Updates (LZ-60)

OAuth for Liszt Accounts upgraded to allow for future Google login integration