O365 Login variables moved to hammer.php

All Login Tokens and configuration information for Office 365 logins have been moved from individual pages to hammer.php

Upgrades to Select boxes

Select boxes should now be searchable on iOS and Android devices.

Database Variable Rename

Database variables in the HDB array have been renamed to indicate the class to which they belong rather than their organically-named variable.

Permissions tab removed from People records

Permissions has been removed from People>People. Permissions are now assigned at Settings>Global>User Permissions.

Upgraded radio buttons to include checkmarks throughout Liszt

Radio buttons and toggle buttons now include checkmarks.

Credit Algorithm now includes duplicate ejector

The credit algorithm now includes a function to eject duplicate attendance credit entered by any means.

Audit Trail

Liszt now includes a comprehensive Audit Trail for tracking changes and delivering usage statistics.

Settings>Encore>Requirement Schemes now allows student selection.

Students can now be assigned Requirement Schemes from Settings>Encore>Requirement Schemes.

Inventory>Instrument Checkouts includes Fee field.

Instrument Checkouts now automatically create charges on fee selection upon checkout.

Settings>Event Categories now allows you to add events in bulk

Event Categories now allows you to add bulk events, streamlining Studio-based requirements (Q7E2-19)

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