Liszt 3.1.0

Upgrades to U20.04, PHP7.4, AWS SDK 3, other changes.

Algorithm changes for durational swipes

Durational swipes are now an option for Liszt terminals (swipe in during event, instead of before or before/after).

Login screen update

Improved login screen for Liszt SSO

Upgraded Listening component to production

Generally available

Added Listening component alpha

Generally Available

Fixed QR Code Login for Liszt Portal LZ-77

Now works with updated Liszt Portal

Portal Login now allows for custom domains

Existing sites will move to either custom domain or *

Redesigned Liszt Portal

Liszt Portal now looks like Liszt

Renamed "Events" to "Schedule" for easier navigation

Preventing Events>Events navigation

Push Alpha Jury Module

LZ-65, LZ-66, LZ-67, LZ-68, LZ-69.