LicenceOne updates
LicenceOne updates

🕵️ Task logs




In today's update, the activity log feature is out ! Also some UX/UI improvements to make your experience even better.

Activity log recording

This feature will record any actions taken related to tasks and/or processes in LicenceOne.

For example, if your employee marks the task for offboarding John from Notion as complete, we'll will keep a record of this action. If the app manager of Notion change their renewal date; we will keep the old value and the new value in this log.

These logs will appear in the edit task panel:


Other changes

  • We removed the notification part in the topbar
  • The settings menu is now all shiny with icons and better navigation
  • We removed the blur on the data of an untracked applications in the listing and in the overview.
  • The application listing sort system has been fixed. It was sometimes not correct and/or leaving some blank data between some values.