LicenceOne updates
LicenceOne updates

New tasks list UX for processes & Renewal timeline update






In today's update, we made some iterations on our recently deployed features to improve them so you can be comfortable with its.

Processes: new tasks list user experience

Processes are generating tasks for your organization managers. As this behavior is working like a charm, we found that the experience when playing with tasks can be a bit deceptive. We took the bull by the horns and re-thought tasks user experience.

Tasks are still grouped by their state (todo, complete) but you can now interact with them easily with the help of a chip to mark them as completed directly from the process task list.

Also the user interface has been colorized to add some visual cues and coolness.


Some fixes and functional behavior upgrades have been roll out to improve the global experience with processes.

As one of our standard is global quality, we are satisfied of this current version and these changes are marking the near end of our processes beta version.

Last words, this new tasks list version will be applied to the global tasks section in a future release.

Renewal timeline

You can use LicenceOne without syncing a bank account but only a Google Workspace. Even if we recommend to synchronize a bank account so we can automatically compute your renewal deadlines, you have the possibility to setup your account manually.

We know that manual setup can be annoying and deceptive so we wanted to improve this step. That's why we added a new tool to help you. When going to renewal section in LicenceOne, we are now showing to you if some of your softwares aren't setup with a renewal date. If it is the case, you can access to a tool which will help you to add renewal dates in one step.