LicenceOne updates
LicenceOne updates

🥖 Français, Française - Je vous ai compris




Parlez-vous français ?

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Our French community will now have the choice to use the langue de molière inside LicenceOne. You will find a new preferences in the user settings allowing you to choose your prefered language for your user account.

New Tasks interface 🎯

New filters.gif

Last month we changed the UI on the processes to improve the user experience and apply the same update to the task pages. You now have filters for you task allowing you to jump directly on the things you have to do or manage the tasks of someone else.

Improved search 🔎

We've now reworked LicenceOne's search system so that you can search for applications and employees from anywhere in the application.


Other updates

  • Now if users uncomplete a task in an offboarding process, we re-mark the concerned employee as Tracked and assign them to the application again