LicenceOne updates
LicenceOne updates

πŸ“… Renewal timeline





In today's update, all users will now see a new Renewals section on their interface. Contained within is a listing of all upcoming renewal dates for the software subscriptions within the company.

Contrary to the renewals module of your dashboard, this section provides a global overview of every renewal date for software in your company, regardless of how distant it is in the future.

To change any of the information related to the application, simply click on the renewal row and a Edit application menu should open on the right of your screen.



  • Scrollbar design has been changed for all LicenceOne users to avoid design conflicts with Windows' native scrollbar

πŸ“ƒ Tasks come out of beta




Customise when you collect invoices

We listened to your feedback and added a new setting to customise your invoice collect frequency:

  • Weekly: Invoice collection tasks will be generated each week if we've detected transactions during that period
  • Monthly: Invoice collection tasks will be generated each month if we've detected transactions during that period

Capture d’écran 2021-11-10 Γ  12.54.45.png

Re-assign tasks to others

Change task assigned.gif

Where before, tasks were always assigned to the manager of an application, it meant that users had no way to override the setting in specific situations (e.g. when a software manager was on holiday).

We've now modified this logic:

  • Every task has now its own owner; meaning you can change a task assignee without changing the application manager
  • We have now added a filter to the tasks page to view tasks that are Assigned to you, Assigned to others and Unassaigned.

Other changes & fixes

  • You can now open your software in a new tab by holding Control and clicking on the application name
  • New employee detection has been improved to provide a better explaination on how prices are calculated
  • Fixed an error with our support chat integration. You can now have a chat with us even if you're viewing a popup window
  • We now display payment error messages so you're able to take action
  • We fixed an error where companies that shouldn't pay VAT couldn't complete the payment process

πŸ“§ Email alerts when you have an unsynchronised bank account





In today's update, we've launched a way to you consistently monitor bank accounts for software spend with ease.

Now LicenceOne will send users an email alert when:

  • We've first detected that your bank account is not synchronised
  • 7 days after the first notification, but only if the account is still unsynchronised

That way you'll know that you need to log back in and perform a synchronisation, otherwise we won't be able to scan your accounts for software payments.

Why would my bank account become unsynchronised?

The most common reasons for this are:

  • Your bank requires users to resynchronise every 30 - 90 days as a security measure
  • Your bank has changed their terms and conditions and needs you to log back in to approve them
  • Your bank requires you to log back into your online banking and change your password

If this ever happens, you should be able to see the reason why directly on your Data sources panel while hovering over the Not synchronised pill


βœ”οΈ Edit tasks and edit from the app list





Edit Tasks


Users can now edit task related information by clicking the task name or on the Edit button, such as:

  • If the application is tracked
  • Who the application manager is
  • What the billing page URL is

Users now also able to mark a task as complete manually by clicking Mark as complete without passing via the web extesion.

Edit from app list


Now users are able to click and change the team or manager assigned to an application without visiting the detailed app view.

Simply click on the relevant cell and search for the team or manager you wish to assign the application to.

Improved data sources

chrome_zR99o2d2Kg.png We had some users report that they were not aware that their financial data sources were no longer monitored, despite using the application regularly.

To help out, we now display a small red dot on the Data sources menu icon and the concerned data source that is no longer synchronised.

We have also re-worked our UI so that items that need user attention are much more eye-grabbing and instructive.

Web extension


We've added a Current task element to the bottom right of users' screens to give more context of what task they should be accomplishing


We've added a tooltip to the Add new billing page dialogue of the web extension to make it clearer what this feature does

Other changes & fixes

  • You can now search by email and employee name from the Add new users search box on the Users section
  • We now save how many table lines and what column heading you sort by (for example, on the applications list) to display for the duration of a users' session
  • LicenceOne now checks if a user has synchronised their Google Workspace account when they try to manually add employees. If they haven't, we remind them that they can import all employees automatically
  • Fixed an error where the number of skipped invoices weren't counted correctly after the invoice collection process
  • Fixed an error where we displayed a Tutorial button on the web extension popup
  • Fixed some formatting errors with the web extension buttons

🀩 Autocomplete fields & fixes





Version 1.5.4

If you follow our updates rigorously, you might have noticed a trend.

Indeed, at LicenceOne we prefer launching a few well-developed features rather than hundreds of half-baked ones.

Well…this update is no different πŸ˜‰

New application manager search

Sometimes when you're working in a large company, scrolling through a massive list of employees to find the one software manager that you want to assign can be a pain.

That's why now in LicenceOne, you can search for them by first name or email and assign your software managers in a flash πŸ’₯



  • We've added a Renewal date column to the application list so that now you can have a better outlook on your upcoming renewals

  • Now when users delete a bank account, the invoice collection tasks associated with those transactions are also deleted

  • We've added pagination to the Tasks page

  • Changed position of Add new users button on the Users section to make it more visible on smaller screens

  • Screenshot 2021-08-13 121221.jpg We now sort all major tables automatically, so that users always see an arrow on the table headings and know that they can click there to sort

  • Removed the chevron from search bar so there is only one icon, the magnifying glass


  • Fixed a glitch where part of our bank icon wasn't displaying properly
  • We now display the correct number of tracked employees in the Billing section of LicenceOne

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ More improvements






Version 1.5.2


  • The activity column in the User section of the detailed application view now sorts in the correct order rather than alphabetically
  • Untracked employees no longer appear in the Application manager dropdown list of the detailed application view
  • Administrators can now remove Google Workspace from their Data sources
  • We fixed a bug where some users that didn't have a LicenceOne application in their account received a 500 error
  • All checkboxes have now been changed to reflect our design system
  • We added over 100 new applications that can now be detected via Google

Web extension

Version 0.3

πŸ’‘ Note: Google Web Store does not push the updates to our web extension automatically. It might take a few days before the following changes apply in your interface

  • Users can now exit the task process by clicking the extension icon on their navigator and clicking on End tasks

Extension toast.png

  • We now display a notification when users have successfully saved a new billing page or when we are redirecting them to a new billing page

Ext Please login to see your tasks.png

  • We've designed a pretty interface on the extension popup when a user is not currently logged into their LicenceOne account
  • We added a new popup interface for when users have no pending tasks
  • We added a new popup interface when in the task completion process

🚘 Autopilot invoice collection beta





Version 1.5


Nobody adds value by spending hours collecting software invoices.

Every. Damn. Month.

That's why with today's launch, we've made some first steps to make the process a whole load quicker.

Automatic task creation

Group 83.png

  • We've added a Tasks icon.png Tasks area of the software
  • LicenceOne will automatically generate invoice collection tasks each month based on your bank transactions
  • LicenceOne will also automatically generate invoice collection tasks each time you synchronise a new financial data source
  • Tasks are automatically assigned to their software manager
  • If users don't have the web extension installed they won't be able to begin collecting tasks
  • If users don't have financial data sources connected no tasks will be generated

Autopilot web extension


  • All invoice collection tasks appear in the LicenceOne web extension
  • Users are automatically taken to each software billing page to download their invoice(s)
  • Tasks are marked as completed when we detect an invoice has been downloaded
  • Users can define a new billing page to be redirected there next time they have to collect an invoice
  • Users can automatically search their Gmail inbox for invoices
  • Users can skip invoice collection tasks via the Button.png button
  • The web extension displays analysis outlining the number of invoices collected and skipped, time spent doing so, and the estimated time users have saved (vs. if they collected these invoices manually)

🌟 Some improvements





Version 1.4.1

New in today's update

  • Administrators can now choose access rights before inviting a new user to LicenceOne ChooseRightsBeforeInvite.gif .
  • We've added a one-time billing cycle to the detailed app view to track any non-recurring payments for software OneTimeBillingCycle60.gif

Changes & Fixes

  • We now mention 2 employees rather than 2 displayed on the team settings page


  • We've fixed a bug where if an employee existed in another LicenceOne company account, no manually added employees would be saved
  • Improved our Google Workspace search algorithm to identify even more applications from the synchronisation
  • Fixed a bug where after accepting an email invitation, some new users received an error when visiting the settings page
  • We've improved the way that we track errors on our backend
  • Fixed a bug with our internal tooling

πŸŽ‰ LicenceOne moves to premium





New in today's update

  • Launched the paid version of LicenceOne
  • Added a Billing section (Settings > Billing) to manage your LicenceOne subscription Screenshot 2021-06-10 141754.jpg
  • Created permissions so that only users with Admin access can view and manage a company's LicenceOne subscription
  • All early ambassadors setup with a 30 day free use period before being required to subscribe to a plan
  • 11 day free trial period established for all new LicenceOne users
  • Lots of complicated and boring billing, invoicing and accounting settings that you don't need to worry about πŸ˜‹

Changes & Fixes

  • Admins can no longer invite untracked employees
  • Removed Google Workspace setup button from the Employees section (it only appears in Data Sources now πŸ˜‰)
  • The settings icon on the top-right of the interface has been changed to a Cog.pngicon
  • Untracked employees no longer appear in dropdowns for assigning an employee to an application
  • Changed the wording from Assign new users to licence to Assign new users to application in the detailed application view
  • Fixed bug where invited users couldn't use enter to submit their password form
  • When manually adding an employee, adding a team is no longer a required field

πŸ“Š Improved financial calculations and billing cycles





Improved financial calculations

We've changed the way LicenceOne calculates and displays your application spend.

Now, instead of estimating your monthly spend, we take a lot of different factors into consideration and estimate the spend for the last billing cycle.

Screenshot 2021-05-07 110739.jpg

Improved billing cycle accuracy

We've completly reworked our billing cycle algorithm to consider twice the amount of different factors before making a decision on what the most probable billing cycle is for your software. Screenshot 2021-05-07 111035.jpg

The eagle-eyed among you will have also noticed that we've added an Other billing cycle for when your software payments do not follow a particular pattern (e.g. API access purchases, monthly subscriptions that were stopped and restarted etc.).

We've also added a Waiting for more data... status of users' billing cycle when we don't have enough data to accurately predict whether it's monthly, yearly, or other. This status will change automatically once we do, or users can change it manually to override the system.

Other improvements

  • Account owners now receive a renewal reminder 40 days before a software's renewal date
  • The right-most month of the graphs in the app detailed view have been changed to the current month
  • We now require users to enter a renewal date when they change a software to a yearly billing cycle
  • Counts in the application and employee lists now only count the number of items displayed depending on the filter applied (tracked or untracked)