LEOPARD.host changelog
LEOPARD.host changelog

NGINX: VMs optimised to suit Web Stack




Following the change to our underlying Web Stack, which we'd 'dog fooded' successfully for our Corporate infrastructure, we've now completed a range of tweaks on Customer infrastructure to allow for greater performance during busy periods. This involved some out-of-hours work, and has allowed our Engineering crew to continue with on-server fine-tuning for extra speed.

Questions? We'd love to hear them, please reach out to our crew!

The TNC Toolbox: v1.2, inc. NGINX Purging




We've deployed v1.2 of The TNC Toolbox for Managed Server clients, so you have access to a server-wide NGINX User Cache purging function, should you ever need it. This is beyond the per-user clearing tool that exists in cPanel.

During the transition over to Apache+Cached NGINX, we conduct an auto purge per-account right at the end of the account-specific final works too.

Please let us know if you have any issues using TTT so we're able to help!

WP-CLI: Deployment to all Production VMs


New addition


That's right, we're deploying full command-line control of your WordPress websites to all LEOPARD.host Servers. This means you'll have the ability to leverage the powerhouse that is WP-CLI for your website/s, as well as continuing to leverage WP-Admin (ie. business-as-usual remains).

Behind-the-scenes we're ramping up our love of WP-CLI and are embedding it into more of our workflows, so the time was perfect to broaden this and deliver it securely through CageFS for our clients to enjoy even more.

Curious, concerned or keen? Get in touch and we'll give you a walk through!

WP-CLI website here: https://wp-cli.org/

SHOUTcast: MediaCP is replacing Centova 🎉


Fix / Remedy


After giving Centova's team several years to resolve underlying faults in the platform, we've landed on a replacement system for our clients: MediaCP.

Even better yet - they're Australian & owned by Cast-Control Pty Limited. :-)

This will be deployed in early December after communicating with our loyal radio stations to ensure a seamless weekend cutover is undertaken smoothly.

In the decade or so we've powered Internet Radio, this will be the 3rd panel we've deployed. WHMSonic in the early days, then Centova Cast, now MCP.

Questions, concerns? Please get in touch with our SHOUTcast crew!

NGINX Reverse Proxy: Gradual deployment 💨


New addition


For a few years we've gradually been refining our plans to migrate over to Apache + NGINX acting as a Reverse Proxy. This is now gradually being deployed with Caching bolted onto NGINX as well, allowing for greater speeds and flexibility with WordPress websites. We're tuning this now.

If you'd like to get on-board ahead of schedule, please let us know!

Backup Storage: Write Performance Doubled




We've refined our Backup Storage platforms in Sydney to provide even better performance during backup jobs. This means twice the write speeds available to the storage pools. Following a review of the architecture, logs and stats, we went on to design and deploy a revised set of configs which have boosted speeds. We're now monitoring this, and have further tweaks to deploy.

Questions? Please reach out to our crew, and let's get chatting.

MariaDB SQL: Performance Config Improved




Our crew have deployed tailored improvements to per-server MariaDB SQL Server configurations, to provide optimum SQL performance per-machine.

We only run MariaDB at LEOPARD.host - there is no MySQL here, only the (in our opinion) better fork of it. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

Network Monitoring: Expanded & Enhanced




We've expanded how deep our monitoring is traversing throughout our infrastructure, and have tripled the resources available to the platform.

This means quicker polling, faster dashboard rendering for our NOC, and more flexibility to expand the scope of our polling, alerting & config.

Curious about how we do things? Get in touch with our crew.

Fully Managed VPS: The TNC Toolbox (Beta)


New addition


Following a bunch of requests, we've deployed a beta version of our WHM Plugin "The TNC Toolbox" to some clients who asked to go-ahead with it.

This gives you Reseller WHM access to a Self-restore Tool. Please ask your Account Manager for more information if you'd like to get it deployed!

Remember: We're here to innovate. Ideas? Let us know about them!

Hosting refined. Servers/Clusters expanded.


Fix / Remedy


After two years of working through our infrastructure and branding refreshes, we've taken the step to remove our traditional Business Web/Email Hosting from general sale. This ties into our Compute/Clusters push, where we've expanded on the public details surrounding our Fully Managed KVM VPS platform and how it delivers value to Australian Businesses & Agencies.

We're about delivering immense value to passionate businesses, and these changes allow us to deliver more focus where it's most valued - on our local partners who continue to defy norms and go above-and-beyond for clients.