LEOPARD.host changelog
LEOPARD.host changelog

Optical Fibre: From Street to Server




Our crew successfully transitioned over to optical fibre for the last leg into our Linux Hypervisors, completing our 2022 "fully fibre fed" project! For this to be successful and with only milliseconds of impact makes our Engineering crew proud. True diversity is now being delivered to Managed Compute 24/7/365.

Questions? Get in touch with Tech Support, we'd love to help.

WP Toolbox v1.1.1 w/ Cache Off/On! 🎉




We've released an update for the TNC Toolbox. Alongside letting you purge the NGINX User Cache, it also now allows you to disable and enable it!

Plus, the plugin will now safely redirect you back to the page you clicked the button on, so you can keep working rather than have to click back each time.


BPAY for WHMCS v2.2.0 released! 🥳


Fix / Remedy


After 4 years, we've taken over the BPAY Manager module for WHMCS and have resolved several long-standing problems. This is now available so please be sure to update your installation and provide feedback on the GitHub repo.

It will now include unique BPAY Reference images in the Client Area > View Invoice, Admin Area > View Summary & View Invoice, and on Invoice PDFs!


WHMCS Firewall Unblocker v2.20! 🎉


New addition


We've published the improved UnblockIP module for WHMCS - the self-service Firewall Unblocker that allows you to un-block via my.LEOPARD 24/7.

This is the module's 3rd fork and resolves long-standing (4 year old) problems with working correctly with WHMCS v8 and modern versions of CSF.


WP Toolbox v1.0.0 w/ NGINX Purge! 🎉


New addition


With cPanel confirming this won't be done any time soon, we've built and deployed the TNC WP Toolbox which can be installed via ZIP Upload easily.

This adds a button to the top admin bar in your WP-Admin and allows you to easily purge the NGINX User Cache at the click of a button.



Questions? Get in touch! We're here to help!

Exploit Scanning: Balanced load usage




Our engineering crew have pushed revised configurations for some of the security services installed on Managed Servers, to ensure RAID10 SSD I/O remains highly available during peak times. Previously there was a case where activity spikes (ie. several users/crons working different sites) could trigger auto-investigation of the activity, which could heighten the I/O demand.

Impact was only ever brief, though it was enough to be noticeable. The new policies should ensure security while keeping usage down during daytimes.

my.LEOPARD Dark Mode: Refined 🌃🌙




To help with well-contrasted viewing, we manually reviewed the my.LEOPARD interface in light and dark modes, and then fine-tuned colour contrasting in Dark Mode to ensure readability isn't just acceptable, rather easy to do.

What do you think of the tweaks? We'd love to hear your feedback.

CMS/Addon Patching: Alerts & Action


Fix / Remedy


Throughout December, we made contact with clients who had unmanaged CMS installations on their Managed Servers. Typically our clients use a system like ManageWP, MainWP, etc, to centrally manage websites - however some of them end up flying solo. Usually dev/update/etc websites fall into this state.

We contacted clients and asked them to update/delete/etc these websites to ensure peak security was being maintained where they have influence over it.

Caching Stack: v2 config at each level


Fix / Remedy


With the new multi-level Web Caching Stack in-place for 2-3 months now, we've taken a deep-dive into the configuration and overall architecture at each level, and have revised how it operates as well as how flexibly we're able to troubleshoot it moving forward. This has resulted in greatly-improved performance as well as quicker root-cause-analysis for cache misses.

The final part of this is revising the WP Plugin level to match up with the upstream caches. Did you know each account has dedicated metadata storage space located inside the ECC RAM of a Virtual Server? Quick!

my.LEOPARD: New Year, New Speed!




https://my.leopard.host has been given a performance boost, finalising a wave of updates to our my.LEOPARD platform. This rounds out our 2022 efforts and opens the door to our 2023 plans for the 24/7-access Self-service Platform.

Questions? Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to show you around!