Lemonway changelog
Lemonway changelog

3DS v2 : Frictionless Payments


API Method Update



With PSD2, in order to reduce frauds and chargebacks, SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) becomes mandatory for all new card transactions. Cardholders will have to go through 3DS authentication to confirm payments.

The good news is that after risk assessment, banks can decide to skip the 3DS process to allow frictionless payment, improving the customer experience and the success rate of transactions.

NEW: We now share the status of 3DS v2 Authentication, when available, on the dashboard and through the API.

3DS MODE REQUESTED: "NO PREFERENCE" by default, means the Issuing Bank can decide to activate or not activate 3DS v2

3DS RESULT: "CHALLENGE" means 3DS v2 was activated and the cardholder was asked to be strongly authenticated or "FRICTIONLESS" means 3DS v2 was not activated.

Dashboard 3DSResult.png

API documentation

Api REST: GET/v2/moneyins

Api SOAP: GetMoneyInTransDetails

Guidelines on Card Payments to avoid soft declines are available in the: