Email Campaign

Release Stats for email campaign sent to list Rilasciata la visualizzazione delle statistiche sull'invio delle campagne email inviate alle liste.

Reseller: Sharing to subaccount

  • share form, automation and newsletter with your subaccount

List management

  • Added list management
  • Import list


  • Improved sms delivery and UI

GDPR reminder

  • added new automation for send email for require yeasrly renew of optin

New Dynamic Content

  • Added a new dynamic content builder

Improvements and fixes

  • Improved email delivery on behalf for direct emails
  • Improved import payload validation
  • Updated public documentation

Email delivery on behalf

  • Improved email delivery on behalf for automation campaigns
  • Fixed on behalf email delivery issue on Outlook

Validation Improvements

  • Improved import data validation
  • Improved form builder validation


  • Improve email delivery worker
  • Fix SMS purchasing issue
  • Improved API and form validation