LambdaGeneration changelog
LambdaGeneration changelog

The Video Update






After 9 days of development, hopefully it would have been worth the wait.

  • Video uploads - You can now upload videos to LambdaGeneration directly! Upload teasers for your mods and all the latest Half-Life SFX memes without leaving the platform. So long as your video is in MP4 format and no larger than 100MB.
  • Added Fan Comics and Speedrunning categories - We've seen a lot of quality content in these domains from you guys, so we've decided that they deserve to be their own categories.
  • New reactions - Added 26 new community-made reactions that cover every possible emotion that could be evoked in a Valve fan. Thanks to Bacontsu, DansKart, Hickory, Narklos, Radiation Hazard and Valkyrie for the submissions thanksalotblackmesa.png
  • Multiple image navigation - Navigating between multiple images in a post is now much easier, click the arrows or swipe if you're on mobile to jump to the next/previous image.
  • Many UX improvements and bugfixes - Thanks to your continued feedback we are able to keep on improving the user experience with every update, and of course you help us keep on squishing them elusive and pesky bugs.
  • Played rollermine basketball with DØg

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord