LambdaGeneration changelog
LambdaGeneration changelog

The Reactions Update






We have now reached 1000 members 🎉

Thank you to everyone for the support so far.

To celebrate, we are releasing an update with several new features:

  • Reactions - You can now react to posts and comments with 63 handcrafted, premium-grade emojis. smugotis
  • Twitter card/Open Graph support - Links to posts and profiles will now show preview images on external websites.
  • More sites supported in profile links - You can now add Instagram, Patreon and Discord server links to your profile page.
  • Fan art of the week - You guys are posting a lot of amazing fan-art on the platform. Each week we will pick one fan-art piece to be featured on the sidebar. Selected artists will get a special badge on their profile. ⭐️
  • Added new 404 page design - We needed to switch it up after we added the ability to uninstall Counter-Strike: Source
  • Updated localization files

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord.