LambdaGeneration changelog
LambdaGeneration changelog

The Follow (Freeman) Update






It's here - Your weekly dose of new features and improvements!

  • Following - You can now follow your favorite content creators. Posts by those you follow will appear in the new Following page. Profiles also contain new pages to show who is following you and who you follow.
  • Profile cards - Hovering over the name or avatar of a post author will now show a small preview of their profile.
  • Increased post characters limit - We've quadrupled the character limit so you can create more detailed lore, news and mod update posts.
  • New reactions - We've added several new reactions to our reactions picker. Thanks to DansKart and Hickory for submitting these. Get Your Free TVs! tv.png
  • Improved "new posts" message - The real-time new posts message on the New posts page now appears even if you've scrolled down.
  • A plethora of bugfixes and UX improvements - Thanks to your continued feedback we've made many more improvements to the UX and squished a lot of bugs this week. I think I understand why they're called "bugs" - you squish one and a dozen more appear…
  • Reminded Dr. Freeman to reload

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord