LambdaGeneration changelog
LambdaGeneration changelog

The #BreakingTheBar Update






As you've probably already heard, tomorrow 14 August Half-Life fans from around the world will come together to try break the Half-Life 2 SteamCharts All Time Peak player record.

To help kick off the community's effort, we've updated the platform with a few spicy changes:

  • #Hashtags - You can now add #hastags in posts which become a link to other posts with the same tag. Post your record-breaking experiences with #BreakingTheBar!
  • Improved profile link support - Added support for and domain names on profile links. Thanks to psydex and Magic Nips for letting us know about these thanksalotblackmesa.png
  • Bugfixes and UX improvements - It's not a platform update without a healthy dose of bugfixes, thanks to everyone who reported these bugs to us.
  • Picked up that can

Check out our Breaking the Bar event page for information, live stats and streams from the community

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord