LambdaGeneration changelog
LambdaGeneration changelog

Scroll Preservation





We have fixed a problem that many of you have brought to our attention - you will no longer be sent back to the top of the page when going back and forth between pages, for example going back after seeing a post's comments.

The Editing Update






This week we've updated the platform with one of the most requested features, as well as a few other changes:

  • Post editing - You can now edit the text and category of a post, no more need to delete your own post if you've accidentally made a typo or picked the wrong category.
  • Achievements - There are now achievements which appear on your profile once you get 100 likes on a single post, 100 followers, 1000 followers or make your 100th post.
  • Improved notifications page design - The notifications page has now got an updated design that accommodates the new features.
  • Bugfixes and other UX improvements - All thanks to your continued feedback!
  • Unfroze all props on the server

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord

The Image Comment Update






As we continue marching down our roadmap, we've updated the platform with several new features:

  • Image comments - You can now attach an image to comments. That stash of SFM reaction gifs you've been sitting on is finally going to pay off!
  • Discord ID on profiles - You can now add your Discord ID (username + #number) to your profile in your profile settings.
  • Following via profile cards - Ever seen a cool post and instantly wanted to follow that person without leaving the page? Now you can do just that by hovering over their avatar and clicking Follow.
  • New posts message in following feed - Now you'll get notified of new posts in by those who you follow in real-time when browsing the Following feed.
  • New emoji - Added gmantroll reaction (Thanks Komegatze)
  • Bugfixes and UX improvements - As always this update comes with a bundle of bugfixes and feature improvements thanks to your continued feedback.
  • Stabilized the citadel core

Oh, and apparently 2999 (+1) of you have signed up to the platform, this is beyond our wildest expectations - you guys are awesome!

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord

The #BreakingTheBar Update






As you've probably already heard, tomorrow 14 August Half-Life fans from around the world will come together to try break the Half-Life 2 SteamCharts All Time Peak player record.

To help kick off the community's effort, we've updated the platform with a few spicy changes:

  • #Hashtags - You can now add #hastags in posts which become a link to other posts with the same tag. Post your record-breaking experiences with #BreakingTheBar!
  • Improved profile link support - Added support for and domain names on profile links. Thanks to psydex and Magic Nips for letting us know about these thanksalotblackmesa.png
  • Bugfixes and UX improvements - It's not a platform update without a healthy dose of bugfixes, thanks to everyone who reported these bugs to us.
  • Picked up that can

Check out our Breaking the Bar event page for information, live stats and streams from the community

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord

The Video Update






After 9 days of development, hopefully it would have been worth the wait.

  • Video uploads - You can now upload videos to LambdaGeneration directly! Upload teasers for your mods and all the latest Half-Life SFX memes without leaving the platform. So long as your video is in MP4 format and no larger than 100MB.
  • Added Fan Comics and Speedrunning categories - We've seen a lot of quality content in these domains from you guys, so we've decided that they deserve to be their own categories.
  • New reactions - Added 26 new community-made reactions that cover every possible emotion that could be evoked in a Valve fan. Thanks to Bacontsu, DansKart, Hickory, Narklos, Radiation Hazard and Valkyrie for the submissions thanksalotblackmesa.png
  • Multiple image navigation - Navigating between multiple images in a post is now much easier, click the arrows or swipe if you're on mobile to jump to the next/previous image.
  • Many UX improvements and bugfixes - Thanks to your continued feedback we are able to keep on improving the user experience with every update, and of course you help us keep on squishing them elusive and pesky bugs.
  • Played rollermine basketball with DØg

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord

The Follow (Freeman) Update






It's here - Your weekly dose of new features and improvements!

  • Following - You can now follow your favorite content creators. Posts by those you follow will appear in the new Following page. Profiles also contain new pages to show who is following you and who you follow.
  • Profile cards - Hovering over the name or avatar of a post author will now show a small preview of their profile.
  • Increased post characters limit - We've quadrupled the character limit so you can create more detailed lore, news and mod update posts.
  • New reactions - We've added several new reactions to our reactions picker. Thanks to DansKart and Hickory for submitting these. Get Your Free TVs! tv.png
  • Improved "new posts" message - The real-time new posts message on the New posts page now appears even if you've scrolled down.
  • A plethora of bugfixes and UX improvements - Thanks to your continued feedback we've made many more improvements to the UX and squished a lot of bugs this week. I think I understand why they're called "bugs" - you squish one and a dozen more appear…
  • Reminded Dr. Freeman to reload

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord

The Category Sorting Update






That's right, new week new update! We haven't forgotten about it. Here are this week's new features and improvements:

  • Sorting in categories - Posts can now be sorted by Trending, New and Top of all time in categories.

  • Uncollapsed replies under comments - Replies to comments will now load without needing to click "view replies", making it easier to find and read discussions.

  • Streamable embed support - Links to Streamable videos now get posted as a full-on video embed, now there is one more video platform to choose from for all your modding videos and memes!

  • DeviantArt profile link - You can now link to your DeviantArt on your profile page, so that it's easier for others to find more of your exquisite fan-art.

  • Many, many bugfixes and improvements - We've squished so many bugs this week that we're not sure whether there are any roaches left in Black Mesa… and as always we've made more UX and design improvements based on your feedback.

  • Coaxed Lamarr out of the air duct

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord

The Multi-Image (and Bot) Update






The bots are here! And several other improvements:

  • Multiple image upload - You can now upload up to 4 images in a post! No more need to split screenshots and fan-art between separate posts!
  • Twitter and Discord bots - Popular posts now get featured on our brand-new LambdaGeneration Community Twitter account as well as a new #posts channel on our Discord - check them out!
  • Larger images in link posts - Linked webpages that have a large image will now show a nice edge-to-edge image in link posts.
  • New posts message - The New posts page will now show a message whenever new posts are created in real-time.
  • New iOS Icon - We’ve added a shiny new favorite/homescreen icon for iOS users.
  • Bug fixes and improvements - As always, this update contains several bug fixes and improvements thanks to your feedback.
  • Euthanized the Weighted Companion Cube in record time

A huge thanks to r2d2rigo (creator of BSP Overviews) for building the Twitter and Discord bots!

As always, let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord

The Mentions Update






New week, new update!

In the few days since the last update we've added more things to spice up the platform:

  • User mentions - You can now mention other users in posts and comments with twitter-style mentions! Simply type @theirusername in posts and comments. Doing so will create a link to their profile and send them a notification.
  • Improved user search results - In tandem with the user mentions, we've improved the users search results to help you better find other users on the platform.
  • Limited image heights in feeds - We've limited images in feeds (Trending/New/Search etc.) to 1000px. You can still see the full image on the post's own page.
  • Fixed iOS icon not showing - If you're on iOS, tap the share button in Safari to add the site to your favorites or homescreen, you should now see our colorful logo!
  • Lowered minimum size for profile backgrounds - We've reduced the minimum size for profile backgrounds to 480x320 pixels. We still however recommend at least 1280x720 for a crisp image.
  • Other bug fixes and UX improvements - Many small bug fixes and improvements based on your feedback.

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord.

The Reactions Update






We have now reached 1000 members 🎉

Thank you to everyone for the support so far.

To celebrate, we are releasing an update with several new features:

  • Reactions - You can now react to posts and comments with 63 handcrafted, premium-grade emojis. smugotis
  • Twitter card/Open Graph support - Links to posts and profiles will now show preview images on external websites.
  • More sites supported in profile links - You can now add Instagram, Patreon and Discord server links to your profile page.
  • Fan art of the week - You guys are posting a lot of amazing fan-art on the platform. Each week we will pick one fan-art piece to be featured on the sidebar. Selected artists will get a special badge on their profile. ⭐️
  • Added new 404 page design - We needed to switch it up after we added the ability to uninstall Counter-Strike: Source
  • Updated localization files

Let us know what you think about this update or if you encounter any bugs on our Discord.