Kudobuzz updates
Kudobuzz updates

Change your product widget's display style





We've added a new way to showcase reviews on your product pages, apart from the traditional list style. You can now showcase reviews in a grid style on your product pages.

Screenshot at Jul 06 09-10-59.png

Learn how to change your product widget's display style

Update reviews with photos





Did your customer send you product photos after a review has been written? You can now update reviews with photos.

For users who have connected Etsy accounts, you can use this option to add photos to the Etsy reviews since Etsy does not send review images to us when we fetch reviews via the new method.

Learn more about how to add photos to reviews.

Control your widget's background color





By default, Kudobuzz widgets have the transparent background settings turned off. This means, if your site has a non-white theme, widgets on your site will have a white background.

For some users, they would rather not have that white background. With the new update to the widgets, you can change the default settings for the background transparency. This way, the skin of the widget matches the skin of your theme.

Learn more about how to change the background color for widgets.

Reward your customers for leaving reviews





After many user requests, we have finally rolled out the coupon reward feature.

When your customers write you nice reviews, the Coupon Reward feature allows you to reward them by giving out discounts on next purchases as a show of gratitude or as a way to incentivize repeat purchases.

You have control over the content of the email that sends out the coupon and what kind of reviews deserve the reward.

Learn more about how to set up the coupon reward feature.