Expenses Sync from #QuickBooks Online

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As of now, QuickBooks users automatically retrieve their expenses (bills & purchases) into #kopilot.

Access the following automatically fed pages:

  • Live burn rate
  • Expense details
  • Coming outgoing payments
  • Late outgoing payments
  • Vendor details

Check it on https://app.kopilot.io/auth/login

Mobile app is available! 🎉

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The app is to download directly from your browser. There is no app in the App Store nor on the Play Store.

👉 Check the video to get kopilot installed on your mobile device.

As of now, we will offer dedicated versions on mobile, tablet, and desktop to meet your piloting needs at all times.

Transactions for a partner

We added the possibility to retrieve the whole list of transactions for any partners.

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Lighten the User Interface

We've decided to go mobile-first. To achieve this, we observe that a lot of spaces were lost.

We lightened the visual components to save as much space as we could to improve the readability on the smallest devices.

All your clients and suppliers at your fingertip

Do you have a question about a client or a supplier? Browse your list of partners.

It is perfect for answering questions like:

  • Are we decreasing our cost on that supplier?
  • How much did we invoice on that client already?

Or, to have the list of all transactions related to the partner. We use it to take a screenshot and paste it into our payment reminders.

Clients and vendors are tagged for your ease.

  • A partner may be both client and vendor.
  • A partner may have documents in different currencies.

There is no need to duplicate partners anymore. Dear #QuickBooks Online users, the partner merge feature is coming.

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Take the pulse of your business at your fingertip.

Anywhere. Anytime.


Lighten the main page

We lightened the visual components to save as much space as we could to improve the readability on the smallest devices.

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As we've decided to go mobile-first, we are in search of maximizing the spaces.

We observe that we lost a lot of spaces due to different frames and the space between elements and between the frames' borders and the texts.

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Credit Notes are computed on the Sales Heatmap

Annotation 2020-06-29 110138.png

We fixed a small inconsistency with credit notes.

  • The heatmap computed only the invoices and ignored the credit notes.
  • The Live Sales page computed both. It resulted in an inconsistency when diving from the Live sales to the Sales Details.

We fixed it as both pages compute and invoices and credit notes.

UI and UX Optimizations

Various small improvements were made:

  • Clicking on a monthly sales (or expenses) table displays its details.
  • Resources were added to provide more content to the users.
  • Colors were updated to match the new color scheme.

Dashboard Rework + Mobile optimisation

kopilot's dashboard presents now critical information with short and direct questions.

Annotation 2020-06-22 120857.png

We also added more contextual text to guide the users about the way kopilot works.

It now perfectly fits on mobile and tablet.

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Improved error messages on login

Error messages were reworked for better clarity.