kopilot x Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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The #digitalCFO is now available to #Sage Business Cloud Accounting users! Have a look at www.kopilot.io!

kopilot is the business owners' tool to ensure the business is running well or to know what to fix now.

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App for desktop and laptop

As of now, you may install kopilot on your desktop/laptop. It is convenient to use kopilot outside a web browser to have more space for your content.

Check the video!

Viewing a transaction was improved

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It is now possible to look at a transaction (invoice or expense) on your preferred mobile device. In a slick design, you'll find

  • the transaction status,
  • the events that relate to the transaction,
  • some actions that might be taken according to the situation,
  • all the transaction's details,
  • and all information about the exchange rate in your preferred currency.

Please have a look at it on kopilot.io!

kopilot, digital CFO for SME business owners.

Plan recurrent transactions | #invoices #expenses

We just released the ability to #duplicate #transactions. Invoices, or expenses, it is up to you. Let's reduce together the pain of manual encoding.

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kopilot, every SMB business leader deserves a CFO in his back pocket.

Improved & simplified Onboarding

We've continued to improve the user interface and simplify those annoying steps. Get your #digital #CFO in less than 5 minutes, via #desktop, #laptop, #mobile or #tablet.

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kopilot, digital CFO in your back pocket.


Expenses Sync from #QuickBooks Online

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As of now, QuickBooks users automatically retrieve their expenses (bills & purchases) into #kopilot.

Access the following automatically fed pages:

  • Live burn rate
  • Expense details
  • Coming outgoing payments
  • Late outgoing payments
  • Vendor details

Check it on https://app.kopilot.io/auth/login

Mobile app is available! πŸŽ‰

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The app is to download directly from your browser. There is no app in the App Store nor on the Play Store.

πŸ‘‰ Check the video to get kopilot installed on your mobile device.

As of now, we will offer dedicated versions on mobile, tablet, and desktop to meet your piloting needs at all times.

Lighten the User Interface

We've decided to go mobile-first. To achieve this, we observe that a lot of spaces were lost.

We lightened the visual components to save as much space as we could to improve the readability on the smallest devices.

Transactions for a partner

We added the possibility to retrieve the whole list of transactions for any partners.

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All your clients and suppliers at your fingertip

Do you have a question about a client or a supplier? Browse your list of partners.

It is perfect for answering questions like:

  • Are we decreasing our cost on that supplier?
  • How much did we invoice on that client already?

Or, to have the list of all transactions related to the partner. We use it to take a screenshot and paste it into our payment reminders.

Clients and vendors are tagged for your ease.

  • A partner may be both client and vendor.
  • A partner may have documents in different currencies.

There is no need to duplicate partners anymore. Dear #QuickBooks Online users, the partner merge feature is coming.

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Take the pulse of your business at your fingertip.

Anywhere. Anytime.