Sales do not integrate taxes anymore

It appeared to us that many of you live the chance to operate internationally. For domestic sales, they must charge taxes. For international sales, they don't charge fees.

Comparing sales becomes an issue, as some of them are taxes included, and others aren't.

After a discussion with some of our users facing this issue, we concluded we had to delete taxes from pages computing sales. And this justifies by the fact that financial charges should not have an impact on your operations' performances.

Sales plus taxes relate more to a cash perspective. Please don't panic; we will reintroduce the concept of total cash in soon.

💻 Make kopilot an app on your laptop or desktop.

No need to open your favorite browser and go to the website. kopilot may be accessed directly from your toolbar.

To do so,

  1. click on the three dots icon in the upper right of your browser;
  2. click on "Install". It creates an icon in your taskbar.
  3. Pin the kopilot icon to your taskbar.
  4. Click the icon. Yeeepaaaa! There is a kopilot app!

Data labels

More space is dedicated to data labels onto charts for more visibility.

Sales Prediction

Sales prediction was enhanced in the first month of the year to avoid spikes due to sales volatility on a day-on-day basis.

Hide the menu to save space on your mobile.

The menu on mobile was reworked to automatically disappear and give more space to the most important : your key numbers. Simply click on the button in the bottom of the screen to make the menu appear.

Connector with Harvest was redesigned

In order to retrieve much more information from Harvest, the connector was reworked. Without becoming too technical, Harvest sets limits for the number of calls any app can do to retrieve its data. If some data is retrievable in bulk,the situation is different for the invoice payment data.

We need to call each invoice to get its payment details. And some of you have many many invoice (more than 14k!). With so many invoices we systematically hit the limit imposed on us, or the synchronization delays were at least excessive, or even unacceptable (up several hours).

Connector was reworked to improve its performance and speed. So did we. And refreshing the payment details takes only a couple of minutes.

This improvement is the cornerstone for what's coming next and to ensure we are able to recover the payment details for each of the invoices.

Recovering all payment details was the last missing piece to end our developments over retainers.

Expected Payments

It is now possible to consult the entire list (or by buckets) of open invoices.

Sales Completion to Last Year

A small regression has been corrected to take into account all sales made during the previous financial year.

Sales Prediction

The prediction including the growth factor is no longer computed for the first month of the (fiscal year) as it was daily sales compared to last year were too volatile.

Last Month Compared Period

Last Month Report comparison value has been fixed.