🔥🔥 Rolling Forecast

Will your business be ok over the next 12 months?

Rolling forecaster gives a forward vision over the next 12 months, without focusing on the end of the year.

It reflects better the reality of the moment, and that facilitates decision making. As it takes the latest events into account, the forecast shows the mid-term impact immediately.

Look ahead and pilot your business by having your sales forward 12 months in mind. Avoid (bad) surprises and react quicker than ever.

More info on https://kopilot.io/automated-sales-rolling-forecast-and-predictions/

Follow all your companies

Tired to have multiple tools to follow your different companies? kopilot now offers the ability to monitor all your companies easily. Ideal for accountants and financial professionals, or holdings.

Change the rounding within tiles

From now on, the tiles are rounded with two decimals, except for numbers that cannot have a decimal (e.g the number of accounts).

Increase password security policy

We value your security. To help us with keeping your data safe, we ask our users to define your password with the following constraints: 6 characters minimum, one numeric character minimum, one special character minimum.

Know how reccurrent are your sales

Make sure your revenue sources are stable enough, meaning the business is not at the mercy of one or a couple of projects. And forecast cash inflow. Take the test here: https://app.kopilot.io/app/monitor/recurring-funnel

Self Registration

New users may - finally- create an account by themselves. Waiting for us to create the requested account, and waiting for confirmation belongs to the past.

Adopt the number formatting you want

Due to the full range of possible formatting, you may choose the format you prefer. Discover it here: https://app.kopilot.io/app/settings/companies.

Forgot password

You may change your password easily on https://app.kopilot.io/app/settings/user


Now kopilot is available for QuickBooks users. Do you want to learn more? https://kopilot.io/seamless-business-reporting-for-quickbooks/

Sales do not integrate taxes anymore

It appeared to us that many of you live the chance to operate internationally. For domestic sales, they must charge taxes. For international sales, they don't charge fees.

Comparing sales becomes an issue, as some of them are taxes included, and others aren't.

After a discussion with some of our users facing this issue, we concluded we had to delete taxes from pages computing sales. And this justifies by the fact that financial charges should not have an impact on your operations' performances.

Sales plus taxes relate more to a cash perspective. Please don't panic; we will reintroduce the concept of total cash in soon.