Last Month in Review.

Waiting for the monthly review to be produced belongs to the past. At 00:01 the first day of the month, your Monthly Review is already drafted !

Product Tours.

Follow the guide to collect the value !

Sync stops and does not retry each time Harvest releases

You will be notified when sync is in error, and kopilot will restart by itself to sync whenever connection with Harvest is restaured.

Troubleshooting with sync should happen less often than previously.

We've observed that Harvest releases quite frequently. During this process, the connection between kopilot and Harvest is stoppend. And, finally, kopilot throws errors. Not anymore.

Vote for your connector.

Developments are prioritized upon users' requests. The more users ask for a connector, the faster it goes.

To accelerate your case, make sure to invite people you know and using the same software as yours.👊 Check the progress here :

Whole new kopilot website.

To reflect the current value we offer, we've been busy in a complete restate of our website. Pricing page, integrations pages, features. Website is seen as a living platform : it will be updated release after releases.

Activation has been improved.

Signing in, and syncing Harvest account have been simplified. The revamp of the login screen is the first stone of further major improvements.

Automated Conversion in preferred currency

All amounts are converted into your preferred currency. Conversion rate is the sent date of your invoice.

Improved Sync.

Have a view on last and next sync timestamp. And force the sync when needed.

2018 in review

Automated analysis on key facts that happened in 2018.

Various fixes.

The way kopilot manages retainers and recurring invoices has been upgraded.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Kopilot will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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