Automated Conversion in preferred currency

All amounts are converted into your preferred currency. Conversion rate is the sent date of your invoice.

Improved Sync.

Have a view on last and next sync timestamp. And force the sync when needed.

2018 in review

Automated analysis on key facts that happened in 2018.

Various fixes.

The way kopilot manages retainers and recurring invoices has been upgraded.

USD are available.

Supporting EUR is good, but not enough. Welcome on board people from the New World !

Support Invoice locale

Huh… have you ever though to those little differences between US and EU ? Like the number formating ?

For EU people 1,230 means 1.230 for US people.

Huge difference !

End of Year Sales Forecast is daily re-computed.

Forecast is real-time updated, and daily recomputed.

Cumulated charts

This Year Sales and This Month sales charts display cumulative values.

Dashboard color coding

Green when better than comparison point. Amber, when you almost get there. Red when deviation to comparison is greater than 5%.

Sync date considers user's timezone.

The timestamp kopilot was latest updated is displayed in user's timezone.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Kopilot will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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